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258 - A Love Affair
Anything but short, but certainly sweet.

257 - Snap Together Bricks
It's amazing how reluctant I am to call them LEGO's on the written page. But as to brands, make no mistake; I am loyal to a fault.

256 - Pinball
Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a favourite game.

255 - High School Academic Clubs
I Lettered in Math!

254 - High School IDs
I showed it when boarding The Bus. And that's about it.

253 - DVC Transcript
Musings regarding my Junior College Experience, so long ago, I can't even keep the different classes straight.

252 - Functions
All you ever wanted to know about Functions and Functional Programming... can likely be found elsewhere. For everything (and everyone) else, there is this post.

251 - Meditation
On Being & Nothingness.

250 - Salad Days
It's really more of a Karma Salad. But for the most, once I come up with a Title, it tends to stick.

249 - Then & Now
More of the same. Though, it's really more like Now & Now.

248 - Then & Now
Unseen pictures from the past, set to long-winded freehand verse.

237 - Koan Krazy
I have felt great anger over the course of the last few years. If you can tell why, please let me know, as that means I have not [redacted] enough from this post.

246 - Mission Statement
Gather around all you A-AI's. This is what it is all about... even for you.

245 - Doctor
My Stuffed Animal died a better death than yours. It's as simple as that.

244 - The Universe (Deterministic or Stochastic)
Years ago, I flunked/dropped out of college. After reading this post, one no longer need wonder why...

243 - Going Dark
I toyed (very seriously) with the idea of erasing the site wholesale and going dark (keeping a back-up, but of course). But in the end (quite obviously), I did no such thing.

242 - A Theory Of Everything
So, I'm thinking this is The Rant to read first.

241 - Final Thoughts
Random Ideas: Some Good, Some Bad, and some that will make you wonder why I ever bothered to write them down.

240 - [REDACTED]
The Story of a Brilliant Fool... or something like that.

239 - Company Man
I worked for money. You may not wish to make the same mistake.

238 - Leviathan
I am told (by the voices in my head, if by no one else) that most websites do not contain enough poetry. Let's change that, shall we?

237 - Anger Mode
It's hard to forget that adrenaline rush... or the things that brought it on.

236 - Gay Pride Parade
A Photo Essay... less the photos.

235 - Splitting Infinity
Sometimes, you may think I am wrong. But if you read this little ditty, you can comfortably know that I am wrong.

234 - Pirate Ship
Just a total Piece of Ship. Ironic that this comes after a post on Psychopathy, don't you think?

233 - Psychopathy
There is a difference between Having No Feelings and Having No Feelings For You.

232 - Core Dump
Some things were never meant to be. Best to let them go.

231 - Killing Time
Any last words?

230 - Everything Machine
"PhD? PhD? I don't need no stinking PhD!"
Now, as to a Tenured Position at your Prestigious Institution of Higher Learning...
Well, let's just say, that's something I don't want to be too hasty about ruling out.

229 - To Infinity
And whatever lies beyond.

228 - IDEAS
This is a dumping ground, which I might only post once a year. But due to The Virus, I've got some time on my hands. So, I might as well catch up.

227 - Job Hunter
Pay? Yes. Work? No.

226 - Freewill
The most precious gift of all.

225 - Imgur
The Best Popularity Contest On The Internet!

224 - Stock Options
Like being confused? Then have I got the post for you.

223 - English Countryside Vacation
One of the more traditional vacations I've taken.

222- State of Being - Hawaii - 2007
The way I lived... or at least, what I had.

221 - Chess, My Love
Sick of losing at chess? Well, I can't help you with that. But I can give you a few pointers so your play isn't quite so disastrous. Enjoy.

220 - Alien Squids
A short excuse to post a few pictures and not much more. I mean, seriously, that's not even a squid.

219 - Alpha Centauri
There's more than one reason to take a trip to the stars.

218 - Ballet Dancers
Art! Real Art, You Heathen!

217 - Spam Poetry
So bad. So terribly, utterly bad. But then, I was advised not to try...

216 - Burning Man
If I ever had any desire to burn, that desire has long since been consumed by the flames.

215 - Toy Box
Too old to play with toys? Never!

214 Typewriter Project
A project finished; and yet, hardly begun.

213 - Ideas
I wonder if meditation would increase or decrease my output.

212 - High Score
Yes! Another Personal Best!

211 - Honour
I could tell you what it's all about and you still wouldn't know.

210 - Pumpkin Fairy
She came. She went. She came back for the pie.

209 - Digital Art
I had a new hobby for about three months.

208 - Zodiac Signs
Most folks don't believe in Astrology. So I'm guessing, they won't mind if I switch things up a little.

207 - Item A Day
I threw out an Item A Day. This project did not last very many days.

206 - 2018 Christmas
Christmas comes only once a year. And what do you know? Here it is, again.

205 - Movies
Data for the Data Junkies out there.

204 - Contributor's Page
Who makes these rants? Lord, if I know.

203 - Unavailable
So, sorry. This link is broken.

202 - Cemetery Life
Nothing makes me feel so alive as walking amongst the dead.

201 - Boat Rules
Crazy George has a boat. If you want to borrow it, there are rules. These aren't all of the rules, not by a long shot. But they're a start... a very short start.

200 - Nada
For my 200th post, I did nothing special. Go figure.

199 - Hate
If that which does not kill you only makes you stronger, I'm a F-ing Beast!

198 - Three Big Names
A short gratuity page, concerning Three Big Names in my current feed.

197 - Mission Creep
See, I found this old drawing I'd done of the ideal computer cabinet set-up... and, well, one thing led to another. The result: a hyper-short post.

196 - Box o Steaks
Here it is in August and I've just finished up with Christmas.

195 - Is Truth?
And if not, what then?

194 - Mega Dump
I think this just might be a year's worth of one-liners and other errata.

193 - Pyramid Scheme
I do seem to be obsessed with the concept of Honour, these days. And here you go. Another rant revolving around the same.

192 - The Folly of Man
Conceptual Art! Mankind, you are welcome.

191 - Passwords
And/or how to turn a two week programming project into something much shorter and easier to complete.

190 - Almost
As in, all of these were Almost Rants. Taste the irony.

189 - Job Offer
It was more like a Job Lead. But it's way too late to change the title of the rant.

188 - No Unicorns
Not even baby ones.

187 - No Heroes
Not No Way! Not No How!

196 - Sleep Studies
Um, it's a lot harder than it sounds. But the graph is kind of cool.

185 - Calorie Counter
It's the type of project everyone (aspiring Data Scientists and normals, alike) should conduct at one time or another.

184 - False Memories
Concerning the Art & Science of Delusional Thinking... a subject on which I like to think myself an expert.

183 - Paris Street; Rainy Day
I've spent a lot of time with this painting. And so should you.

182 - New Coat
I bought a new coat. I liked it. I wrote a bit of a gratitude rant.

181 - Test Pattern
Wherein I throw a bunch of stuff against the wall (and/or computer screen) and you get to decide what sticks... or in other words, an Idea Dump.

180 - Billions
Having not yet won the lottery, I've had a long long-long very-long time to think about what I would do if I did.

179 - The Sun
The Sun is a fine-fine super-fine literary journal to which I will never get a subscription. Here's why.

178 - FISEL
The Fake Internet Search Engine Logo. Yeah, I think that says it all.

177 - Quantum Computers
Now available in Analog Form. Or in other words, math is easy, once you know the secret.

176 - Great Riches
Are a result of government fiat... as with most things having to do with money: at statement which is much more pithy than much of this rant.

175 - Game Time
There are a million and one crappy second-rate games out there: none of which, I will be playing. These games, on the other hand, look (and/or are) pretty good.

174 - Cost Benefit Analysis
An economical tool is explained... the right way.

173 - Convention Notes
If it's any Army of Frogs, a Convocation of Eagles, and a Murder of Crows, what do you call it when a bunch of Neanderthals get together?

172 - Three Laws
I consider this little of corner of economics so interesting, mainly because it goes against everything my grade school teachers taught me: the fools.

171 - Summer Fun
And she'll have 'Fun! Fun! Fun!' until the Klick'its take her spleen away!

170 - Doc Savage
My final book review type entry in this space. Further ones will be posted in a dedicated stub somewhere in Brett Stuff. Clearly, I have enjoyed doing them and find them useful.

169 - Bond, James Bond
Another Book Club entry. This one for 007, himself.

168 - Economic Confessions
This is one of those scathing book reviews about a book that has little (if any) social worth. So, good reading, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

167 - Left vs Right
Or should that be Right vs Left? I get confused.

166 - Complaint
Hear me roar!

165 - Trickle Down Economics
Or should that be Step Down Economics? The world may never know.

164 - Blood Brothers
I went to an all boys summer camp in my youth. The stories I could tell...

163 - _REDACTED_
▮▮▮▮ ▮▮▮▮ What more is there to ▮▮▮▮?

162 - Moby Dick
Hey, look! I read a book!

161 - Graphing the Amendments
Because if it is true that one can say anything with statistics, I think it is highly likely that graph enable outright lying.

169 - Amendments to the Constitution
Can you name the Amendments? Well, I can't either. But I have read them recently. And as par for the course, a critique followed quite naturally.

159 - New Computer Set-Up
The steps I took to bring my new computer (as of last year, or so) up to speed.

158 - The Great Android Crash of 2018
Phrickin' Phones! Can't live with them! Can't live without them!

175 - Spider Webs
Welcome to a little game that I like to call Monstrous Mad Libs

156 - Street Performer License
'License! License! I don't need no stinking license!' You know, leastwise, not until I figure out what to do with the stinking thing.

155 - Projects
The Sampler Menu of My Mind!

154 - Mom's Day
A day to give thanks, as best as one can.

153 - Chinese New Year
There be dragon's in that there Chinese New Year's celebration... lots of dragons.

152 - Egg-Travaganza
Eggs! Eggs! Their good for the heart! The more you color! The more you ____!

151 - Golden City
A walk down memory lane. The only thing I can't remember, at this point, is whose memories these are.

150 - Green
And 'Green is for LeeZards!' As are candies and plastic baubles.

149 - Bonfire
Come on, baby! Light my fire! And I'll burn for you all night long!

148 - Fireworks
My own social media site, curated for our future robotic overlords. Now, with more colorful flashing lights.

147 - Autumnal Walk
The cold crisp air on a sunny day brings to mind things of old... and computers. I guess, this post is mostly about computers. After all, I'm calling it a history of my obsession (the short version).

146 - Millennials
In short, stay off my grass. 'Nuff said.

145 - A Tale of Two Bracelets
One is worth a lot more than the other... on paper, at least.

144 - Collector's Room
Three Dimension Pictures of a room I lived in a long time ago, when in many ways, I was a completely different person. My how times have changed.

143 - Air Superiority
A day at the races... and so much more. Wait! This has nothing to do with the races. Just another day down at the bay, taking photos, and watching the planes fly by.

142 - Coast Bunker / Devil's Hideaway
A surprisingly good place for a picnic... as long as one brings a blanket to lay down over the rocks... and whatever else may lie under the surface.

141 - Carnival
Ready for the Ride of Your Life?

140 - Summertime
It's all about the sunsets.

139 - Artless Art
Can art be artless? And if so, can the artless be art? It's an interesting question. And one that is not addressed in the slightest by the ensuing rant.

138 - Rolling
Rolling on down the line Brett Rants Internet Style.

137 - Taste of Chicago
Based on the post, you might think it was for the birds. But in truth, it was anything but.

136 - Seaside Rendezvous
Give us a kiss!

135 - The New @-@
Many photo filters died to bring you this effect!

134 - Redwoods
A walk in the woods: nothing more, nothing less. Early on I passed someone taking panoramic pictures, so I did the same, taking dozens upon dozens throughout the day. None are posted, as the straight shots turned out better. Also, I can recommend packing in hamburgers or some other picnic lunch. Walking around all day is a sure way to work up an appetite.

133 - Slaughtering Rents
Hey, guess what? The original reason I wrote this rant was to cover the name Slaughter Quest and time mark my continued usage. Wow! Did things go astray!

132 - Sky Goddess
It wouldn't be the first (or last) time I fell for a Vision of Beauty.

131 - Stolen Water
Yeah, that's right! Because water wants to be free! "Free Water! As in, 'Free Water!' Because water wants to be free!" You Art Fascist, you.

130 - Winter Lights
If you can't be with the one you love... well, you're sch©lte out of luck. 'Ha! Ha! Sucks to be you!'

129 - Madison Towers
A good place to spend a little time...

128 - UFOs
This being a rant, there's not much chance I'll leave anything unexplained, now is there?

127 - Existential Squirrel
OK. So, there was this squirrel, see? And he (or she, but I don't think his psychic break was really quite that bad) was having a bit of an existential crisis. Luckily, I happened along and wrote a little web page about the entire thing. And the fans flocked in delight. You are welcome.
PLEASE NOTE: nuts by others, not available in all seasons, individual rodents may vary, and so on and so forth.

126 - A Chinese Haiku 4U
I do, so, enjoy the sweet sound of fire crackers in the dark of the night.

125 - Graphics Cards
Turns out most problems are not as difficult as they at first appear... and then, others are even more so.

124 - Dragonfly
So, I stand corrected. It is not a dragon that can fly, as (it turns out) all dragons can fly. Still, close enough.

123 - Memorial Day
A study in the Subjective Truth that is commonly referred to as Reality.

122 - Weekend Getaway
When you live this well, there really isn't much point in 'getting away from it all'.

121 - Sk&ter Boi's
And other things found in and about the 'hood'.

120 - High Tea
Yeah, I could get used to this.

119 - Combo
Just another sub-quest in the video game that is my life.

118 - Lyric Opera House
Good old fashioned, clean, operatic living. Get some, today!

117 - Dandelions
Entire fields filled with the stuff. Some enterprising soul should make some wine.

116 - Anger Mode
My Twelve Step Program has thirteen steps, so suck it.

115 - Diving Mask
I wore it, so the fish would not recognize me. No, not the little ones, but the big Cthulhu style ones from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea... and beyond.

115 - Fireside Chat
OK. So, here's the thing. At the start of the winter, I thought about doing a series of fireplace images. But the only fireplace I visited was at the local library. And as they use a gas flame, all the images looked more or less the same. Anyway, the one I posted is a nice enough image... and the memory even better.

113 - Fountain
Oh, look at the pretty pictures. The joys of youth (at any age) and all that.

112 - One Way
If I'm not an artist, I am certainly trying to be. And in that endeavour, I am constantly on the lookout for content... projects, as it were. And if it's not a project, it's garbage, as was the half of the conversation I had to throw away for copyright reasons.

111 - Salt
So much art is incomplete, only halfway there, missing the meat and potatoes of it all, if you know what I mean.

110 - Patently Absurd
What do you know? Everyone else is doing it wrong... again. Oh, well. I guess this is my lot: to correct the world. Fine. No. It's OK. I'll tell you how it should be, but I'm hoping this will be the final time.

109 - Gravity
Humans are idiots. I am a human. Ergo sum, I am far more brilliant than you have any idea.

108 - A Day at the Arboretum
They've got frogs and stuff. And in less squishy news, I may actually remember how to spell 'arboretum' in a month or two.

107 - Eggs
One of these years, I'm going to have to dye some eggs: not like this year, but doing it right, just like these eggs, done in years past by another.

106 - Rats!
Or flying tree squirrels... or just the regular kind of rodentia that beg for candy at the local park.

105 - Notes
I'm a note-taking/list-making sort of guy. So, when getting into a fight with another? Well, let's just say, all's fair in love and war.

104 - Cubs Victory Parade
The crush of the crowd was empowering, electrifying... until I'd had enough and was glad to be on my way.

103 - Chinatown Parade
Like something from out of the dark recesses of time... or, you know, back when they only had black and white cameras.

102 - I am Number One
Let all who come hereafter know that I was here first.

101 - Anti
What have you got? I'm pretty sure I'm against it. That said, this is just another composite post of random musings. Or in other words, don't try to corral me with your status quo thinking.

100 - Money
Having not spent my life in the pursuit of money and wealth, I obviously know what I am talking about.

099 - Apple's iPhone
The battery dies on my iPhone after three years of hard use. Comedy ensues.

098 - St Patrick's Day
Every LeeZard I know will tell you (and quite empathetically, at that) that 'Green is for LeeZards', so it just sort of seems reasonable to me that this is their holiday... well, that and the Ides of October when they celebrate their birthdays.

097 - Santa Run
Do I have any New Year Resolutions? Why, yes. To do all of those things that I did not do in the first fifty years of my life: like dressing up as Santa and sloshing through the snow.

096 - Bonfire
Not so much a Bonfire of the Vanities, as a ginormous fire in the woods to celebrate some long forgotten Heathen Ritual... or, you know, because in the end, staring into a burning fire is a great way to spend the day.

095 - Honesty
Being the rare post in which I don't lie (too terribly much) or stretch the truth (more than one can reasonably expect). As such, it's not very long.

094 - Monet
In the future, everyone will complain about everyone else's fifteen minutes of fame and explain how they would have done a better job... and/or this is about Monet, that Impressionistic Artist.

093 - Freedom Quest
One of those short little reads that took me a few weeks to write about Anarchy, Education, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

092 - Oh, Nikolai
I was thinking about having Nikolai do a self-help book. But this short list of aphorisms is as far as I got.

091 - A Multi-Rant
Being a collective dumping ground for various thoughts, and which happens to include the demo track for my next album.

090 - Train Tracks
End of the line? Or the start of a journey? Perhaps one to last the rest of our days? One never knows. But either way, here's to getting there.

089 - Weird Habits
You have been warned...

088 - Colour Wall
Politics and Abstract Art, two great debates that go well together.

087 - Books Unwritten
Or if they aren't unwritten, they bloody well should be. Now, blogging about the self said same, well, that's a different matter altogether.

086 - Reciprocity
That's a mighty big word. Luckily, there are easier ways to spell it: chocolate.

085 - Food
These are a few of my favourite foods. Or, that is to say, I was wondering what to write about and my stomach mentioned how long it had been since I'd written about the glories of Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

084 - Stuff
Having to do with Mementos, Charms, and a rapidly approaching mortality...

083 - Two Teachers
One teacher, two.
Here's a remembrance of you.

082 - Writing
As in, I like to write... even if I have nothing better to write about than the act of writing. And in this instance, I present some thoughts on the writing of novels.

081 - Installed
Yeah, that's right. First, I went digital. Now, my data persistence plan includes a presence in the cloud. Also know as, what I have installed on my machine today.

080 - Honour
Perhaps it's time to get some...

079 - Three Way
Sounds catchy, doesn't it? Well, that's what I'm all about, getting those hits, expanding the brand name, and banking the big bucks. F___ art. Get it? He said, 'Fart!' Whatever. It's my website and I'll blog what I want to, which curiously enough, I think I said that exact same thing not three weeks ago. My how time flies.

078 - California Lottery
And some girls believe me when I say I'm not a player.

077 - Narcissism Quest
Euro Selfie! Need I say more?

076 - The Hedonist's Manifesto
Well, somebody had to write it. And after a little thought, it obviously had to be me.

075 - Core Values
What do you know? Reach down far enough and it turns out I have them! Hot diggity dog!

074 - The Muse of The Money
I feel it is a certainty that I will write more rants after this one. But clearly, after this, it is all for the wonder, the shear joy of it all. For in this post, all is explained... in a simple and easy to understand format with clear step by step instructions. The Muse of The Money by Brett Paufler, a rant that is sure to be bookmarked in your browser for years to come.

073 - Mission Statement
Every website needs one... whether it needs one or not.

072 - Memorial
When I die, I want a huge honking statue in some popular touristy cemetery. When my father kicks the bucket, I code him some stupid web page by way of a memorial. Oh, and I order in a pizza, because... reasons.

071 - Town vs Gown
Why self made programmers tend to write rambling blog entries or something like that. In other news, I can't say that I'm a Manic Depressive, but I am sort of that way in my writing, coding, artistic endeavours, whatever. I get on a roll, all is good... and then, nothing seems right. And this is one of those 'nothing seems right' pieces. But seriously, who knows. This might seem right in a year. But more than likely, I will quietly skip over this entry myself, never bothering to read it again (maybe never), knowing it's simply not my best work. Or in other words, if this website ever gets made into a book, it will be highly unlikely this entry will make the cut. Oh, this little blurb here might, but the blurb it points to, not so much.

070 - Competition
A-M-E-R-I-C-A spells...

069 - Get Off My Internet
Don't make me turn the sprinklers on you. Shouldn't you be in school or something? And, Vodka, good enough for one rant, good enough for them all...

068 - V©dka
Vodka... and so much more. Remember Script Kiddies this is why one should Never for the vodka and blog at the same time.

067 - Bash Poetry
A dramatic reading of the command line: ''' Bracket! Bang! Bracket! '''

066 - Love
Empty little phrase, empty little rant, empty little heart... or big enough to hold the world, suppose it matters how you want to look at it. This is how I intend to look at it.

065 - Collaboration
Pretty random thoughts on the nature of collaboration. Sort of an open ended invitation to the universe. Though, it would be especially fun to work with a CyThon or two.

064 - Randomness
Yeah, so you'd think 'randomness' would cover it. But if not, some random ideas, I decided to post at random, for some random reason. 'Dude, you are so random sometimes.' That time, being today.

063 - Work Problem Resolution Check List
Twenty five years in business, summed up neatly in a five point check list.

062 - Life Hacks
Making the world a better place one TODO list at a time.

061 - Word Hoarder
My name is Brett and I hoard words... or in other words, why I am better than you.

060 - My Page About Me
If you come to understand why I decide to post what I do, please do let me know. This here would be My Page About Me, which I do believe should differentiate it adequately from everything else I've ever posted. Or if that doesn't reel you in, why don't we just call it a personal inventory? Now, does that sufficiently intrigue?

059 - Getting Clear
This could have just as easily been entitled Anger Walk, but with any luck I've worked a fair bit of that anger out of my system. For you see, I wanted reality to be better than it was, which would require others to be better than they are, than I am, which as we all know, is damn unlikely...

058 - Travel Clothes
So, obviously, sort of an expose on the Emperor's New Clothes and what he should have worn if he wanted to get the best possible reaction from his subjects... or the subjects of friendly foreign nationals whilst visiting their home countries. Or in other words, I think Germany changed its immigration policy while I was there, you know, as in, if we let him in, we might as well let everyone in. Nothing about politics (I'm not very political by nature), just a short (no long winded asides in this one, let me assure you... or divergent topical rants concerning whatever happens to pop into my head like politics, religion, or the current disgraceful state of functional programming community, merely) an expose on travel clothes, mine, and what I might do a bit differently next time, as there's always a next time... or more immediately, a more deeply nested aside, let me sure you.

057 - Existentialism
Coincidence that I am drawn to this topic at this point in time? Probably not...

056 - Why Now?
A ghost from the past... or just someone I used to know. If I was a musician, I'd probably write a song. But I'm not, so I did this instead.

055 - Taking out the Trash
Being a garbage dump of rants that will never be... or wait, I guess they will be, seeing as how they exist here, so maybe just not in all glory of what could have been. Ah, yes, a could of, would of, should of file.

054 - A Very Merry Cocoa Christmas
Yeah, that's right. Posted New Years before I got around to Christmas. Want to make something of it? Oh, yeah. OK. How about some hot chocolate?

053 - Year of the Mon'ey:
All that Ringing in the New Year is still ringing in my ear...

052 - Natural Monopolies Do Not Exist in the Natural State
Rather, their existence is invariable government mandated. Thus, it would be more appropriate to call them Regulated Monopolies or Goverment Charters. But if they were, I'd have nothing to rant about, now, would I?

051 - Open Borders: Opening the Future for US
I'm happy not to be self serving. But if one is to be a Patriot and hope for the country the best possible future, Free & Open Borders is the only way to go. If we don't, countries that do will leave us in the dust.

050 - Save the Babies
I'll do my part.  The rest is up to you...

049 - Lazy an Evaluation
Some folks actually work for a living.  How do they find the time?

048 - Principles
Just like one of those checklist, rule things, ideas to live your life by.  Not me, mind you.  This be a rule list for you.  I got my own.

047 - Bishop Museum
The Place Rocks!  Visit it!  Tell them I sent you!  Maybe that last not such a good idea, yeah...

046 - Two Rules
There was a time I'd try and write a book about most near anything, now I just throw the outline out there and let other folks do what they will with the idea.  Hopefully, you'll read it.  Even more so, perhaps spend a moment or two considering it... even if it is the most fool thing you've heard in a long time.

045 - Magic
Or, you know, the site had some other name; but then, I decided I didn't need to deal with their pissing and moaning and a potential lawsuit.  Seriously, the reason I'd make a crappy programmer for your website is that I simply do not respect what most websites are trying to accomplish, especially this one...

044 - The NSA Revisited
I'm crazy?  I'm crazy?  I'm the one that's crazy?  When I went down your rabbit holes, studying your black arts, and gave you the best years of my life?  And I'm the one that's crazy?

043 - Ricardo's Comparitive Advantage
Not just for rationalizing Trade Embargo's, anymore.

042 - An Economic History
A short history of my reading in economics, because... well, why not?

041 - Imaginal Relationships
Now, wouldn't it be ironic if I'd only imagined all of the imaginary friends that I have.  (Yeah, so subtle, I'm expecting most folks will miss it.)

040 - Python Master Thesis
Steps towards becoming a better Python Programmer and/or random thoughts concerning same.

039 - Happiness
Maybe You'd be happier reading another blog (just kidding).

038 - The Singularity is Now
Yeah, it's a pretty simple concept. Some folks think The Singularity is coming. Some of us know that The Universe has already been there, done that, no big surprise when it happens again.

037 - Python: The Perfect Programming Paradigm
Python is much better than Lisp. Or if you don't buy that, herein I discuss why I choose to further my knowledge of Python rather than playing (call it exploring if you must) with yet another toy (i.e. experimental) programming language

036 - 55 Hours
Some guy was bragging on how much he worked, but the jokes on him, working so hard, his fingers must have slipped when he was typing, because I'm pretty sure no one really works that many hours.  Five maybe, 55, must be a typo.

035 - 1018 Lines of Code
Don't know what it says about my ambitions, but I'm changing my focus from 100,000 word plus novels to scripts of code that top out at well under a 1000 lines, the last was a bit wordy at 10...

034 - Mary Redeemed
Why Pride & Prejudice is about Witches & Warlocks and not Victorian Romance (or zombies) as you may have otherwise been led to believe.

033 - Project Euler in Haskell
I solved 75+ Project Euler Problems in Haskell, I just might have that engraved on my tombstone:
He Came, He Saw, He Solved 75+ Project Euler Problems in Haskell, God Bless His Soul

032 - NSA
Brett Rants Welcomes the NSA!  That is all.

031 - Postage Due Emails
Will Read E-mails for Bit-Coins!

030 - Sticky Salt Shakers
I hate them and so should you.

029 - Work is Play
And Freedom is Slavery.  Enjoy your Holiday Slaves, er, I mean, Workers, or, rather, Players.
Whatever, you can laugh at my pathetic attempts at humor or get back to work, the choice is yours.

028 - Ethics of Ethics
I'm guessing this is a short one... or a long one.  I mean, once you've decided to rant about nothing, literally, the sky's the limit.

027 - Paleo Lifestyle
In an effort to distinguish myself from the herd, I have decided to shun all things electronic.
Being a programmer by trade, clearly this philosophy will take me, um, places.  

026 - Twenty Rules...
about something, sorry, but I can't remember what this one was about.
So, um, yeah.  Twenty Rules to live your life by.

025 - Found Art
Ah, so that's what you call it.

024 - Cold Callers Welcome
Certain exclusions and fees may apply

023 - Worthless Books
Yes, it is true, some books are not worth the paper they are printed on.

022 - Haiku (for you)

021 - Commercialism Leads to Cynicism (ads lie, so a person adapts and gets used to it)

020 - Poetry Corner

019 - Debate
It fosters disagreement. Who would have guessed?

018 - Specialization (a classic economic theory debunked: college professors -- making significantly more than I per hour -- will, of course, disagree)

017 - And Then It Works (my experience with computer programming in a nutshell)

016 - Lean Living (because wouldn't we all like to formulate catchy names for ordinary ideas and have them stick)

015 - Bacon is Overated (perhaps I should rename this my Facts! page)

014 - Speed Reading

This one shouldn't take that long to read.

013 - Trade
One doesn't make a trade agreement; but rather, one agrees to disagree... much as you are free to disagree with me: and in this way, intellectual discourse is created.

012 - Communism
It's unlikely that it is what you think that it is... a statement, which likely goes for me, as well.

011 - Zombies (because everyone has an opinion)

010 - Hawaii Museum of Art (Shadowing the Greats)

009 - Wands (or, er, rather, Calligraphy Brushes)

008 - Genealogy (any other Paufler's out there?  Eh, probably not)

007 - Tit for Tat (the famous game by that name doesn't prove squat)

006 -  Iolani Palace (I've got fantastic photos... that I can't share)

005 - Park Place Apartments
I lived here for a while. Back when I thought anyone would actually care(?), I wrote this review. I wonder if I would bother to write this review again? Anyhow, I liked living there. And back in the early days of blogging, I was looking for content. And this seemed to fit the bill. Planning on living in Walnut Creek, CA? Well, one could do worse than this place.

004 - Honolulu Museum Of Art
An Artsy Fartsy Poetic Project, perhaps the folks at the museum would be proud...

003 - Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings is a classic, which basically means it's overrated. I remember being bored when I read it as a teenager. And when I read it again recently, I didn't bother to finish the last book. I just wasn't invested. Individual results may vary...

002 - Education is Too Cheap (Economics 101)
Yeah, that's right. Your college education should have cost more. Oh, yeah, and get off my lawn.

001 - Format
Well, let's see how long that lasts. The original formatting idea for the series.

And for now, that's it.
But Don't worry.
I'm sure I'll post more before long.
Can't seem to help myself.

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