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Chinese New Year

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All images taken in Hawaii, this was likely taken at a resort, some Koi Pond, which could be hard to tell, as there are no Koi present, still, I like the way the sun reflects, very pretty

Like water under a bridge.

At first glance, I thought this was the reflection of a palm tree off a puddle, or through a puddle, but on second look, I think it is a palm, through rain soaked window, water rivlets getting in the way, so an art shot, you may award me a grant now, thank you

Couldn't remember if I tried.

These are the bums, the derry ers, the back end of some beauty queens, festival gals, I believe the name of the Chinese New Year festival is the Narcissist Festival or something like that, perhaps spelled a bit differently, who knows what the words actually mean to the organizers, still, there is a Queen, selection based upon virtues, or so I presume

Still, the mind alights.

The firecrackers used in China Town are small but loud, I do not think they pose any real danger, but to the ears, having spent more than one night, mere feet away, I can attest that the ears to ring, a thousand or more, I think that is how many come in a strand, and, come on, you are worth more than a strand, but a thousand, taking a minute or more to go off, loud, fill the road with smoke, what a wonderful sight... no, sound, experience, and here is a wrapper, bit of red paper, that covered the street like so much snow, or flower petals, pick your metaphor

On the sparks that flew in the night.

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