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Stolen Art

Borrowed Water

The Spice of Life

Some folks are more fun to watch than others... just like some websites are more fun to read than others. Hopefully, I fall into the later category (or is it the former), but I probably don't have much control over that (after all, we are talking about your perception)... nor did the guy I was watching (have much control over my perception), as he was taking pictures the other day. He was fun to watch, a bit of a spaz, totally winging it. He bought some water. I thought he was thirsty, two bottles, at three dollars a pop. I checked the price later, after he bought four more. So, twenty fricking bucks on water. And what, with the camera, the pack, the bottle, and the other bottle, after opening one, setting it down, taking a drink, checking the light, moving the whole kit and caboodle down the way, ten steps here, twenty steps back, carrying one or two items at a time, can't put down the camera, OK, just this once, and back again, it was just a matter of time until he knocked that first bottle of water over. Obviously, having spilled some water, the next thing to do was spill some more.

'Hey, look at me. I'm spilling water, now. I'm an artist... and only the best water will do for an artist.'

And then, he was, just as quickly, on to a new spot by the tables with others sitting nearby.

'Mind if I spill some water here? Of course you don't. Hey, why are you looking at me like that? I asked if I could spill some water on the table. Did you think I was joking?'

With me, finally, coming up behind and taking more or less the same shot he had just got done taking, using his water, so borrowed water.

"Yeah, that's right. Who's the starving artist now?"

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Mixed Media: Digital Print accompanied by the Ambiance of the City on a Sunny Afternoon (Dada Realism, circa 2017)

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all images on the page are the same
all images on the page are the same