Brett Rants

Dear Person Who Was Born On A Pirate Ship

At this point, all I want from you is to be left alone.

All of the images on this page are the same and are of a railroad crossing guard in the upright position with a dark nigh sky as a background, yeah, it would be better if the guard was down and the lights were flashing, but this is the picture I have, and the ones with red lights really didn't look as cool, the red was overpowering... and not centered enough on those that I had


I do not wish to receive any further correspondence from you.

I am not your -----.
I am not your =====.

I am a person who considers you to be a complete and total piece of ship. It would take quite the pile of gold for me to revise my opinion. But I do not believe you are going to give me any gold. And I do not believe I am going to change my opinion regarding your complete and utter shiphood.

As such, I desire no further correspondence from you.


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Seriously, just go away and leave me alone.

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