Hawaii Museum of Art

Hiding in the Shadows

Back in the day, there was Truth, Honor, Beauty, and Freedom.
That was the Romantic Ideal.
And Modernism killed all that.
In Modernism, everything is Art.
The only question: Is it good Art?

Well, punk.  Is it?

Shadow Work - Double Hand in Shadow - Mixed Media: Digital Photography & Sarcasm

Diffraction of Being

Temporary Exhibit: Hand Shadow on Wall.  Industrial Light and Gypsum.

The New Age industrial hum of the creaky AC added to the angst of the moment as the intermittent clink of the fan bushing created an unsettling aura that disturbed one's very essence of being.  And even the normally tranquil hand blown glass on display rattled in reverb as it took on the role of an impromptu megaphone destined to echo the horrors and destruction that the modern world had wrought to the land.

Angular Shadows on Wood - Mixed Media - HyperPretension

Shadowy Illusion

Mixed Media: Spot Lighting on Wood Gallery Floor with Assorted Shoe Leather & Scuff

In this piece, the artist (and that would be me) tries to monetize his existence.  Not just a desperate cry for attention and help, but an earnest plea for your hard earned cash as well.  Signed copies available in the lobby.  Limited Edition Digital Prints on order by phone.  Angling ever upward, the notion that a person's progress is a spiral progression is questioned.  As one asks: If the focus leads off page, where does it end?

(Exhibit Temporarily Removed for Cleaning)

Self Portrait in Glass

In this piece, the artist questions the notion of knowing and being and the distance to the self.

Self Portrait in Glass - Detail Blow Up

You Say Potato, I Say...

In which the artist asks: Is it Art?

Well, if you got this far down the page, it is.

So, um, Yea! I enjoyed my time at the Hawaii State Art Museum (spelled with a Hawai'i these days, if you please).
10AM-4PM except for Sundays (check Internet listings as hours are subject to change).
Oh, and did I mention?  Admission is free!

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