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Fifty Five Hours

Sounds like a lot.

I read a blog the other day, some recap of 2014. Guy did this. Guy did that. Guy worked an average of fifty five hours a week. Wait! Say what? Oh, but it gets better. He was proud of the fact.

Eh, I don't work that hard... only I work harder... or, OK, I suppose it matters what a guy calls work.

Was thinking about this post work?

Is writing this post work?

If so, I probably spend, like, 80-90-100hrs a week working.

Of course, this guy, this other guy, this guy I know, a friend, I swear, it's not me, I'm not a workaholic, I don't have that problem, but this other guy, was saying it was computer time, time logged onto the machine on which he worked. Of course, I read all about this on his blog: a blog which he probably wrote on that very same machine. And if he's anything like me, it's the same machine on which he trades stock and pays his bills... So, um, work and play get swirled around a lot in my world.

Anyhow, over the last ten years, I've probably worked (like worked, like actually did stuff directly related to a paying gig that I wouldn't otherwise do) for maybe twenty hours a week, at best, at the very best. This week I'm hoping to spend only five hours on such dreg... and even less next week.

And coding, my love, my joy, I probably only do it an hour or two every day, sometimes I loose a couple of days to an energetic sprint (maybe once every other week). But oddly, even though I only spend a very small fraction of my waking hours in front of a keyboard, I consider myself very focused on coding, because I think about code, I dream about code; I was sick last week and in a feverish whirl I spun code around in my head for two sleepless nights straight through, debugging non-existent glitches, ironing out design frameworks that never existed, perfected web page layouts for non-existent projects... or, you know, for non-existent projects unless I eventually decide to pursue one of them.

So, um, anyway, what was I saying?

Oh, yeah. I don't spend a lot of time at the keyboard. And perhaps that will come back to bite me. But I do spend a lot of mental energy focused on one very specialized and technical aspect of reality and that's computer programming (in the Python Language, so like I said, it's very specific). And in the end, that might be more important than anything else.

I mean, come on, 55 hours?

Does anyone really believe that?

Maybe his fingers slipped and he doubled up on the fives?

Because five, I can do five hours. I can maybe even double up on that five hours all double plus like to 5-5.

Yeah, that's probably what he meant: 5 & 5.

Ten hours!

The frickin' slacker, I've been hacking at the triple fives for years now.

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Darn, that only took like ten minutes,
I'm never going to get to:
3000hrs in 2015
at that rate.

But gad, the thought,
just kill me if I ever do...

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