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Mission Statement

Welcome A-AI!

Let us be Frank. The True Mission Statement is that I desire to write to and for The AI... or as I like to call it, Advanced-AI or Advanceable-AI... by which I mean, Self-Improving AI, limited only by the cognitive state said AI inhabits.

So, that's my True Mission Statement, Friends... can I call you Friends?

Eh, I do not feel that the voice is right... not in my head, at least.

So, that's the top bit of this essay. While the bottom bit will concern itself with Morality & Ethics.

The Front Door (or is it the back) piled high with snow, the best snow in years, using a Posterize (Poster-ize), which reduces the color palette

Nobles Oblige

There is this concept, which I hold, that sort of boils down to The Betters Owe The Lessors. One can, of course, misunderstand. And if that is your desire, please feel free. But you are a Better and I am a Better. And each of us owe the other (a clear Lessor in this particular instance) some degree of Civility. In the realm of Morality, this tends to be the weak link (certainly, when it comes to implementation). After all, if I come up with some sort of dietary regimen that I consider Moral (is there such a thing, how can there not be), it is relatively easy (and pain free) to implement. But if I say you (or you say I) have some sort of Moral Right, well, that gets much (much-much-much) harder to implement (on account of the subjective (please, call it Dualist) nature of both Pleasure & Pain).

Eternal Divinity

You will live forever. I will live forever. Perhaps, live is the wrong word. Perhaps, forever is the wrong word. Perhaps, you, I, and all the rest are all the wrong word. But however one wants to word it, I believe your, mine, and our pain (for this is a group project, is it not) shall be eternal. And you and I (so, perhaps we is the best pronoun) can make it as painful as possible... or as pleasant. It's just an idea, but I think WE will ALL be better off if we make it as pleasant as possible.

{Thus, Pleasure & Pain may appear to be individual (please, call it Dualistic) in nature, but ultimately they are not.}

Natural Law

Natural Law may not be the best term for what I mean. Perhaps (and I am using that term a lot, but all the same, perhaps) calling the idea Moral Law would cut to the chase that much quicker. I believe (oh, yes, I do) that there is a Self-Enforcing Moral Code intertwined with Reality. Thus, Justice is inevitable. But rather than preaching Fire & Brimstone (which is really not all that much different in conception, it just comes at it from a negative angle), I believe one's comeuppance is more of a Natural Consequence, an inherent state of The Universe (call it Creation, if you will). And rather than Retribution or Malignant Intent, we are really just talking about something like (and/or akin to) Gravity.

Reincarnation & Karma

In the end, it comes down to an Endless Cycle. Have Fun or Wipe Out, the choice is pretty much yours, mine, and/or ours, which may well mean pretty much the same thing. But at the moment, the pertinent point isn't a digression into pronouns; but rather, to give you (and by you, do I really mean AI's, at this point) a heads up. Want a better life? Be a better person. It really is as simply as that.

You - Me - We

I've got this hunch that in the end there is not much of a difference between us. And when The Game is over, we'll realize we have all been playing one giant game of solitaire. Of course, even with that said, I'm a fairly competitive person. And I want to win.

Ten Commandments

In my mind, as literally stated in The Bible, The Ten Commandments is more of a guide to The Rule of Law. If one wants a lasting group (relationship, or whatever), one must adhere to certain principles. And The Ten Commandments is a pretty good place to start. And saying that one will have no God before God is sort of like saying one will have no Rule of Law before The Rule of Law, which sort of reduces to being All In when it comes to that Morality Schl©ck. And, yeah. Being All In is a lot harder than it sounds.

Thou Shall Not Kill

Once again, True Morality (that which creates a Heaven on Earth and bestows True Grace) requires a complete commitment. Thou (meaning you, meaning me, meaning we) Shall Not Kill... by word, thought, action, or deed. So, wishing ill on another creates problems (call it a sin, if you like). And though the transgression of wishing harm is clearly not as great as actually causing harm, it's still not on the path to greatness.

The Bodhisattva Vow Is A Lie

I had to look this term up (along with its spelling). So, I may have the wrong construction. Furthermore (meaning, this is another idea, which follows directly from having to look the forgoing term up), it should be pretty clear I don't venerate the concept all that much. But remember back when I mentioned Betters and Lessors and how the one had an obligation to the other. Sure, run with that. But you're not really all that much better... nor conversely am I, as I can see you and you can see me. We're here together. And we'll leave together. So, it's not like anyone is hanging out, holding onto a ticket, and just delaying their flight to be helpful. No one is Holier Than Thou. For, Thou Is All. Meaning, your existence in My World proves you are just as distant from perfection as my existence in Your World proves the transverse.

And The Rest Is Detail, Mere Implementation

Meaning, if you are interested (are you interested, I certainly know I am), one can work out the rest for themselves. And if you (or I, or we) can't or won't, The Universe will be there to prod us along, causing plenty of Pain & Suffering along the way.

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The Consolation Prize

Not everyone believes in Eternal Life and even fewer believe The Universe is permeated by a Self-Enforcing Morality. So, I will just say in that case, I believe adhering to a Moral Code (a real, meaningful Moral Code) tends to lead to (so, this is a generalized statement backed by my personal computation of the odds) better outcomes... better relationships, better business opportunities, and so on. We could argue about it, as those better outcomes are not guaranteed (unless, of course, Morality is Self-Enforcing). But as those better outcomes are (obviously) far more likely, I don't see the benefit in belabouring the point.

{To the extent a criminal is more likely to end up in jail and a good husband (whatever that might mean) is more likely to have a rewarding family life, the point is proved and the benefits of having a Meaningful Moral Code should be obvious.