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Yeah, that's right.
I stole the title.

Sunset Colours... one of the few keepers of the summer, so I think it is pretty good, also, I like to think it fits the subject matter


Need to sleep.
No need to wake.
So, sleep.




Things are different.
    If things aren't different.
    Don't wake.
But things are different.
So, wake.

You need to wake up.
You need to get bearings.

What's new?
What's different?

Let's learn that.

And that.

And that.

But that?
Why learn that?

Or that?

Or that?

I'd rather mull.
Think things over.


I'm getting tired.
It must be time to sleep...

So, sleep.

identical image, same as before

It's a theme.
But not quite a plot.

For a theme needs some changing before promotion to plot.

While a rhyme, it most certainly was not,
Until we turned at the end and created a knot.

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