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Skating incredibly high...

Um, what we have here is graphical art of a skateboarder mid trick, black and cyan (or light blue) stripes, creating modern art effect More or less the same thing, but a different shot, different angle, mostly it is just the black cyan stripes that create an outline, but there are some minor, very minor highlights that flesh out the image a little

The road outside the house where I grew up had a lot of gravel spread out upon it, like a lot. They literally came by, sprayed down a thin layer of asphalt as glue, and then rolled a layer of crushed rock on top of that (so, basically gravel).

Thus, I never learned how to skate as a youngster, as it was a completely impractical mode of transportation in my neck of the woods.

Of course, 'Had I ever learned, I would have become a true proficient.' Me and Lady Catherine de Berg, both.

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Instead, I became a sissy-boy, you know, the type, who as an adult, would rather throw about random Pride & Prejudice references than rolling about on board of his own.

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