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Spam Poetry

I was getting annoyed, so I decided to make a game of it, linking nonsense words together, as appeared in my inbox from folks I did not know.

Eh, it's crap to be sure.

But then, most poetry is.


Magic Pain Relief!
Action Reminder!
Unsubscribe Not Working!

She's Got a Wet Hole!
Check It Out!
That Bathroom Remodel!

Good News About the Keto Diet!
Congratulations, My Information Has Been Updated!
And I, now, have Electronic Health Insurance Coverage!

If only Meghan had the same,
She'd be able to Clear Up Her Skin...

What's This!
A Job Offer!
An Invite!

I am happy to report...

I'm looking forward
To My Interview,
In which We'll Discuss
My Policy Discount Offers!


Complimentary Tax Returns?
But It's Urgent.

What's Up, Chelsia?
But I Have Benefits!

Meanwhile, In My Complementary Education,
I'll Learn You But Good.

Ah, But If You Really Were Psychic...

I can't be bothered.
I haven't the time.

Important Interview Channels!

Healthy Blood!
Fixes Back Pain!
Right Quick!

This Changes Everything!

Hiring Notice!
Tax Return Verdict!
With My New Miracle Warranty Intervention!

Celebrity Bloom,
Seen With
Unclaimed Movie Degree
Touting Restaurant Saving Schedule
And A New Loan Score!

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So bad, I really should just delete it.

But you know I won't.

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