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A Parade of Time
The New Wild West

the next four images have the same base, the filter used is slightly different, all images on the page are black and white and use a filter I call lines, it uses a sort of edge detector, sobel or canny, I am guessing, with a blur thrown in here or there, this image looks sort of wild west-ish to me chinatown, street light with dragon ornament in foreground, building and gather crowd, looking down the street has a high noon showdown sort of feel to it this one is washed out white, end of the first series

Time passes.

Next three are of the same light fixture with a fire engine as the main event I was standing on the second story of a shopping center plaza, next to a parking deck, so saw the parade from a top down vantage It was a meager parade, at the beginning the politicos gathered, and in my distaste for same, I will only note, that they seemed proud to lead the way, which just goes to show how little self awareness they had, the parade that followed was highly mediocre, highly

Emergency vehicles lead the way.

I think this image shows the scottish bagpipe band, so, just let that sink in, one of the highlights of the chinese new years parade was a bunch of highland bagpipers

And when the main event is over...

And here we have a final image of the crowd, contrasted black and white, no greyscale, after the parade was over and the streets were full, we got chinese food, though, one of the most enjoyable parts of the day was the smoked pork char su that we go preparade as we wandered about the sidestreets in the neighborhood, good times, good day

Only the crowd remains.

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