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All of these next five images are the same, an unfiltered image of a bonfire, I felt like I needed real flames on the page, but I did not want any of the big images to look that way, and one small image was not looking like enough, so five, eh, maybe seven, so it is seven now, it is just an image of a bonfire, fire good and all that, fun with flames, a stack of logs ten feet high with flames licking out of the top, a real fire, gigantic fire, the type that warms the air on the coldest of nights, all the tiny bonfire images are like this one further down the page as well, so in short, it is the best full on shot of the fire that I took, and I wanted some kind of decorative border, something different

Let's Light a Fire

Any Old Excuse Will Do

Ah, the ever popular crowd scene, chromatic filter, fire to the right, crowd to the left, with buring yellow radiance, illumnating off of distant trees, making the area seem more hilly than it was

It's time to call forth all the Witches & Warlocks... and let them fly, free.

Sparks and Embers rising to the sky, highlighted giving it more color and light than originally pleasant, I suppose, many things have that effect

Their spirits curling with the smoke and embers, rising sparks of fire and light, leading the way... into the Heavens.

The heart and soul of the beast, right there, in the ember filled furnace, fiery hot, almost feels like ones hand is burning, trying to get close enough to get a good shot

While back on Earth, all that remains is the husk, mud and earth, the ashen afterthought of life.

Ashes to Ashes
From Dawn to Dusk

The Night is Ours
To Do What We Must

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But the truth is the smoke was thick and I'd had my share of food and drink; so perhaps, I was just hearing the crack of the fire, as it whispered sweet nothings, you know, those voices one longs to hear.

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