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In the Year of the Dog

Bow! Wow!

A nice cloudy day, all these images are relatively large by my standards, 2000x2000, so enjoy them at full splendor, the jaggedness in the color texture is on purpose, as they have all been put through a similiar, but not exact, filter, giving them a rosy hue, this first image is of clouds in the sky, with a fluffy water color effect

Do you think you know reality?

The clouds in the sky?

Head of a dragon dancer, winding down the street, same oil can effect, which I am enjoying for this project, pictures from Chicago, Chinese New Year Day Parade, down around Cermack, green dancing dragon head

How about the dragons in the street?

Tile Wall sculpture, street art, as positioned by entrance to China Town, put through the filter, this would be the image easiest to delete from the page, though the effect completely removes the 3D quality of the original, and gives it a fantasy art vibe

How about the dragons watching over the street?

The effects do not change this image much, a shadow from a street light fixture, down in china town, one of the better images, captures a feeling, though I think I like it better alone than on the page

Or the dragons that have been there so long they have become part of the street?

Gold Foil wrapped Chocolate coins in my hand that I got during the parade, they hand stuff out at the parades, and it is fun to get ones fair share, whatever that means, I got a fist full, six in one go

Watching the market, that's what it's all about.

After all, isn't that what they say, 'The government and the market are one?'

Or maybe that's just me?

That little saying that I tell myself to remind myself what it is all about.

A street sweeper poised to go down the street after the parade, very good oil effect on this one, I like how the faces are blurred out, hancock building or whatever it is now called in the background, this could be modern art

Either way, it matters not.

It's the end of the year and all is forgiven... all debts are washed clean.

Shadow silouettes of two individuals a man and a woman, the pebbles of the street showing up better in the shadow than the sun, oh, I signed all of these with a new custom made watermark, which I am quite pleased with, the caligraphy effect and the color, going quite well with the rest

And a New Year awaits, to spend however you want, with the ones that you love.

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