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Three Laws of Human Nature

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Red Text Reading: The Threat of Violence Enforced the Law which Creates the Market that Feeds the Army

a countour line photographic abstraction - or partial abstraction - of an mounted indian warrior

Might Makes Right

To the victor goes the spoils, which includes determining what the spoils are, how they will be divided, and to whom. If you find yourself poor, you can blame your ancestors for loosing some war.

Of course, the pen remains mightier than the sword... but this is true only because the pen is the instrument by which marching orders are conveyed.

Wider lines, same abstractional concept, a cowboy with flag, staking his claim

The Government and the Market are One

Or in other words, Might makes the Market.

Do you disagree?

Then try to enforce a bargain the government does not condone and see how far that gets you.

some politician, successful enough for his likeness to be captured for all eternity, a symbol of the system, using the same line abstraction, only more more so

The Market is Not Free

And anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Every rule, limitation, tax, and regulation limits the market, forms the market, and forces its participants into narrow roles.

Three rules to bind them; and in the end, confine them.

Might -> Magistrate -> Market

A final abstraction, I suppose how far away - or small or large - decides how abstract the images are - it is of a street light, but all ornate, anyhow, stopped by the art museum, saw some big lettered work in green, that led to the opening graphic in red, as I wrote the laws down quickly, I have basically been mulling them over and introducing them into my work in a variety of ways now, and then a further walk on down the line, brought be to these statues, which were just calling for inclusion, to highlight the section details of this here rant

Bonus Fact!

Civilization was Founded in Order to Provide a Steady Supply of High

Agriculture ->
Carbohydrates ->
Alcohol ->
We settled and grew crops for beer. Thus, you can thank Dionysus for every invention after fire.

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