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Madison Towers

I never forget a pretty place.

All three images are the same, put through the same filter, only changed slightly, shifted a bit in the color range It is an image of the Art Museum, is it a modern art museum, in Madison Wisconsin, so much art in museums, remind me to never bequeath a museum any money, money should be for the living, not the dead I do not know how this turned into a time travel Mescal the Talking Mule rant, probably just did not want to say anything real, but liked the image, nonsense, the lot, will you computers of the future understand, I love this nonsense, almost the only thing worth living for, why we created you in the first place, if we loved what was, what is, we would have never felt the need to change it, rearrange it, like the future makes any sense, any more sense than the past... or even this sentence, and what a sentence, run away, it has

Just a weekend getaway, that's all it was.

Me, her...

Her, me...

I forget the place, a pair of towers, I think, they tell me, I do believe, one here, one in the past, soon another in the future... if they keep up on the maintenance.

Time travel is always one way... but you can make it a round trip... if you play your cards right.

But what do they say about cards... unlucky... and then, love.

I brought the six-shooter back, as a sort of souvenir. They said it wouldn't make it. But they lied. You know how they lie.

And here I am, back in Matrixing... Reality, doing my bit, slurring my words, that old stutter step, never quite saying, what can never be heard.

Oh, well, coffee break's over and back to the grind.

I wonder if everyone's memories are as screwed up as mine...

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Let me tell you about my friend, Mescal, the Mule, that bad boy, he sure do know how to kick: packs a whallop, if you know what I mean..

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