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One Way

. . . being a conversation sliced in half . . .

I did mirror work for a while, along with shadow work below, this is a distorted reflection of me taking a photograph of myself in some store window

What's This

It's my standard nonsense, which means: Superb!

On Hapuna Beach on the Big Island, looking out to sea, a calm beach, very walkable, not a surfing spot at all, not that this stops kids from trying or using boogie boards


Speaking of earthquakes, we had one last Friday.

You sort of hear them in the distance: like a wind blowing through the trees, a truck passing on the highway... or artillery, which we also have in these parts. And then everything shakes.

It's sort of fun, actually.
Breaks up the day.

I think this was taken downtown Honolulu in the lobby of the building that holds the art museum, they have old time mirrors there, or maybe I am off by an island or two


Are you calling me weird?
Just weird?
Not strange?
Not odd?
Nor as I personally like to think of myself, as eccentric?
But simply weird?

Well, that is, for lack of a better word, sort of weird...

The next six, so eight images in the series, all show shadows, originally, I was just going to use one image per heading on the page, but some of these images go together, for many a year, I took a lot of shadow pictures, these are the ones that made the cut, eh, there might be a few more somewhere

I like how the shadow hits the gate, likely I started doing this type of image after noting that my shadow sometimes happened to fall into the frame and liking the effect It is a town on the big island The Devils Domain in California

This is from the Big Island, up the coast from Kona, white coral is arranged on the black lava, making pretty pictures, you know, graffiti of sorts

Personal Heroes

I used to like Tweety Bird a whole heck of a lot. I guess I must have liked the way he antagonized Sylvester. But these days I'm more partial to the Tasmanian Devil.

A footprint in the sand, years in Hawaii, and I took precious few photographs of this sort of thing, this was likely taken in the last month or two

Questions! Questions!


Some things are best left unanswered.

Bellows Beach, do you recognize the sand

Like the capitol of Bolivia.

Figure that one out and who knows where it might lead.

play acting talking with myself

Answers! Answers

If you ask me, it sounds like something you'd catch from drinking stagnant pond water.

Dining table set up like a cafe in Walnut Creek in the loft apartment where I lived for a few years, enjoying a quiet afternoon, likely weekend, mid day, just getting ready to go somewhere, in that inbetween time, before getting ready and leaving

And yes, I do believe you did... just ask me.

I like this sort of shot.  It is of me holding a camera to my face, which is a lot of what the world saw at this time in my life, Walnut Creek, out and about town, I was going to make a series of this sort of image, but it was before I got into the groove of posting series, so I really didn't have an outlet


I do believe you would like Crystal Harmonics.

My fingers would get tired from all the typing trying to explain, but suffice to say, it would take plenty of those big wordies, too. And though I'm sure I'd be selling the philosophy short, I believe the gist of it all is that within Bowling the secrets of the universe are therewith contained and explained.

How many bowling pins?
How many triangles do they form?
Coincidence? I think, NOT!

The whole is, indeed, greater than the sum of its parts.

One might recognize this shirt from later on the page, I do tend to have my favorites, wearing the same shirts in order from laundry day, this first, then this, right now, I am doing a lot of laundry by hand, so often wear the same two or three shirts, I do not actually need that many shirts

Fun with Numbers

Somebody did but forget to check their math!

25^3 = 15
625 x 6 = 93
750 + 20 = 93
770 / 2 = 46
885 + 26 = 46,911
So, way off!

Oh? Wait a second.
You said 3 x 6, so 25^18.
I guess maybe you're right at that.

No! Wait! That still isn't correct!
Not nearly enough "!!" in the answer, I'd say.

The proper way to go about solving this is:

(2 to the 4) (3 to the 2) 5

Or as I like to say:

Which, of course, goes a long way towards explaining why the Seven Ten Split is so revered in bowling circles.

Same shirt as above, Hononulu street corner, me and a fine young gentleman were discussing the pros and cons of almost running me over, I was taking the con side, he the pro, I do not know who scored the highest, the story is likely chronicalled elsewhere as Anger Mode, or not, it does not make a difference, I doubt those who are to blame for quote accidents pay an appropriate penalty

PDQ: Pretty Darn Quick

Yeah, that was like the only abbreviation we had when I was a kid.

Me in beach wear, plain green bathing trunks, army puke green, which is pretty much what I wore for my entire stay on the Big Island, whenever going swimming, fashionable, I am not


Might I compliment you on your laugh.

You have a fine future as an evil genius ahead of you.

So, this is another example of expanding the scope, the following picture is literally the reason there are images on the page, the text references a costume, a moment, and I knew I had the image, so here is the obvious place to put it, given that my agenda is to post everything to this website or delete it, so this is as good a place as any to post the next, and the images on either side are bookend images, this is the view headed towards the weekend... or going home, I cannot remember


I was thinking about wearing my beaten-up old-straw hat: the one that when I'm wearing it, folks tend to call me Jed Clampett ala The Beverly Hillbillies. But opted for a vintage 'Ike' jacket instead, and pretended I was an officer on leave during WWII.

For me, to me, of me, this is a great image, I like it, a good weekend, hanging out in Northern California, Sea Ranch, a touristy, second vacation home, place by the sea, and this is me, sitting on a great tree, overlooking the ocean, and it was in this exact spot that I started working on Red Eye Blue, which has not been posted anywhere yet, and which I believe I stopped working on after the start of the second act

I'd send you pictures, but I don't think cameras were invented yet back then. Besides, it's all Top Secret, Hush Hush, on a need to know only basis.

Some trees tell better stories than others, Red Eye Blue has to do with an insect bite in the eye, which causes a transfer... and yada and so forth, anyhow, I like tree bark, I like images of it, this was a great piece of wood

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Four images taken in a freight elevator in a personal storage facility in Walnut Creek, I liked the scrambled blury effect, I am much more comfortable posting images of myself these days, but way back, this is the type of mystery image I would have been happier with, anyhow, saw my reflection and started snapping pictures, probably with a camera, too, in lieu of phone, so that is the type of guy I was, a camera everywhere, phones have made it much easier, now I only need to get down to one

Nothing is ever equal.
Nothing is ever the same.
Nothing is ever as it seems.

Or maybe we should just shorten that to nothing is... and leave it at that.

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