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Twenty Rules to Live By

Make Your Own Rules

Rule #1: Never have more than seven rules.

Caught you off guard, didn't I? Thought this would be the last rule? Well, it's not. It's the first. You know what they say, KISS (as in, Keep It Simple, Something). But, whatever. On to the rules...

Rule #2: Success cannot be bought.

Fancy equipment does not the mountain climber make, while plenty of women are happy to sell their bodies by the hour.  Conquer the mountain.  Conquer the heart.  Do not settle for anything less.

Rule #3: Money follows passion... as does performance.

Do what you love.  Do it great.  And the money will take care of itself.  To this end:

Rule #4: Nobless Oblige

In any interaction, the stronger party has an obligation to the weaker. It is best to assume that one is always the stronger party. This means:

Rule #5: Stand by your guns

Be self reliant.  The cavalry isn't coming. This reduces to maintaining an internal locus of control, which pretty much means:

Rule #6: Curate your possessions

Reject Advertising.  Reject brand names.  Reject chain stores.  Reject prepackaged experiences.  Embrace unique, handmade, one-off, mom and pop’s, antiques.  UPC codes are bad.  Originality is good.

Rule# 7: Let tomorrow be available for tomorrow.

Live for today, but also, when today ends, let tomorrow begin.  This means putting your toys away, cleaning up, and not having any debt.  Be done with today, today.  And let tomorrow begin anew when it comes.  Of course, if you managed to wake up with a few bucks in your pocked, I’m sure your tomorrow-self, will be more than happy to thank your today-self; and if they have the least bit of honor, they will carry the favor forward to your future-selves ad infinitum.

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Rule 8: Never Stay Up Late.
How about, be sure to recreate?
Or meditate?
Or at least, procreate...

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