Brett Rants

A Love Affair

Let's Do It Right...
This Time.

Laid out (or more accurately, sitting) on two chairs are two clothes outfits, mens and womens, matching, sort of, jeans, shirts, shoes and sandals.  They make a happy sort of Clothes Couple

Two Ordinary People
{opinions may differ}

Here, we have one of those infamous black dresses, complete with belt, snaps, and zippers, accompanied by a nice blue-green scarf and leather bound jounal.  Hmm, that journal just might be important.

One Of Whom Wears A Dress
{not saying which}

Cup and Saucer.  The Cup is Already Broken.  And the same book, journal, leather bound grouping of paper is present.  They make a good team.

Living In Bountiful Harmony
{whatever that might mean}

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I, for one, am hoping there will be a happy ending...

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