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Happy Mother's Day
God is Dead

The one informs the other.

or if that's not clear enough

God is dead, having sacrificed himself for his creation.

A finger painting, which reads Happy Mom Day, in glorious artful detail, complete with smiley face

I send my mommy stuff on her birthday, during the Holidays, and as is relevant for this post, on Mother's Day.

The top layer of a box of chocolate, better known as a care package that I sent to my mommy

She got chocolate this year. But that's not overly important. What is important is that I send something and that she gets something.

But why?

I mean, other than because that is what I do?

So, like, the reason for this particular chocolate is that I have never had it before, so there is some chance my mother had never had it before, I am guessing this stuff is the Brachs of Eastern Europe, what I had was mighty tasty, very fun, liquor filled chocolate covered cherries, marizipan nugat, and lots of wafers, I will be getting more, though it is dangerous to buy so much at once

Nietzsche said, 'God is dead.' He probably wasn't the first to think it. Lord knows, he wasn't the last.

But why might this not be a bad thing.

Why might a True Believer hold this opinion?

Not that I am a True Believer.

The bottom layer of the Mommy Care Package included two types of caramel, biscuits or cookies, and two different tea packages

Humans used to sacrifice a lot more than they do now. In modern times, a ten percent tithe is considered adequate by many.

But is it?

God gave you life!

And you are giving him... what, ten percent? What crap! Many a college football coach wants (nay, demands) more out of their charges.

Another, two sided finger painting lined the bottom of the box, this one reading Packed w Love, both having hearts or something close to hearts painted on the opposite side

Which is to say, ten percent ain't adequate. If you really wanted to pay God back, you know, for everything, you'd have to give him a life, the only one you have, your own.

But there's not much point in God having given you life only to take it back, hence where that 'Only begotten Son' thing arises, steps in, and pays the debt that is owed.

God is Dead... because it was the only way to set you free.

So, go forth and make him proud.

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Still not sure what this rant was about? Well then, my friend, you have come to the right place. In days of old, wergeld, Bride Price, and the default value of a slave were very often the same, because they all were for the same thing, a human life, a thing which cannot be valued... only to be thanked for, by throwing a party for the gods... and twenty cows, ten chickens, and a goat sounds about right for something like that.

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