Brett Rants

Simple Tricks
that have improved the
Quality of my Life

Though to be honest,
some just fall into that category of,
I'm sure they would improve my life,
if only if...

In a better world, I'd edit out the you's and replace them with I's, but I am just too lazy, so you'll just have to deal with it. In other words, this is not to be taken as proscriptive advice. The ambiguous third party instructional voice is just so culturally ingrained, it's easier to write.

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So, really, just to play it safe
I should probably chuck those TODO lists
while throwing out everything else...

© copyright 2016 Brett Paufler

Oh, right, almost forgot,
nothing on this page is to be taken as advice,
it's humour (hopefully)
and notes to myself
Please review any lifestyle changes
with your fully licensed
prior to making any improvements.