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Two Rules to Live By
Two Rules to Govern By

Tree Root Overgrowing Cement Barrier
Graffiti Covered Safety Barrier

Nobles Oblige

In any interaction, the stronger party has an obligation to the weaker.

In any interaction, you (or at least, I) are always the stronger party.

Fences over Signs
Prevention over Punishment

'No Trespassing' signs are meaningless without accompanying fences.

But in the presence of a good fence, the 'No Trespassing' sign itself is quite meaningless.

Thus, leading one to believe, it is the fence that ultimately matters, not the sign.

Any Social Theory has deficiencies.

Any Legal Structure will have edge cases and loopholes.

It is not my desire to quibble with fools, outwit con-men, or bargain with thieves. Suffice to say, that if I were to try and put together some sort of comprehensive Social Justice Theory, said theory would only have two parts that would go something along the lines of:

In all disputes, The Tie Goes to the Weaker Party (i.e. Nobles Oblige):

Punishment by it's very nature is wrong (to the point of being evil). Excepting in a few limited cases (murder, etc.), That which cannot be prevented is permitted. That if a society is not willing to enforce a law unequivocally and universally, preventing and/or punishing ALL transgressions of that law, spending whatever resources are needed to ensure 100% compliance, then that in itself is proof the law is not a good one (superfluous and unnecessary). Leading inexorably to:

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American Flag.  Now that's Patriotism.

Scatter-shot laws lead to selective enforcement.
Selective enforcement leads to corruption.
Corruption leads to loss of faith.
And when the populace has lost all faith in the government,
the government by definition has become a tyranny.

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