Brett Rants

Welcoming the Year of the Mon'ey.

Sorry if I spelled that wrong.

Fireworks, that's how I welcomed the New Year.
Fireworks that started at noon,
intensified at dusk,
and went on non-stop
until a crescendo at midnight,
tapering off towards dawn.

(These pictures having nothing to do
with either fire works or New Year's Eve.
But I like them all the same.)

I was sleeping,
trying to sleep,
when the cataclysm erupted at midnight.
I'd no idea.
Maybe I would have set up my camera,
(oh, right, that's why the images are off by a beat)
gone for a walk,
or sought a higher view,
of the thousands of lauch sites,
scattered about.

But no, lounging on the sofa
is where I wanted to be,
blasts rattling the windows,
unseating the cats from their perches,
but to me, the cacophony a comfort of sorts,
surround sound,
lulling me back to my sleep.

And with all that,
it wasn't even the most intense,
most memorable display
of pyrotechnic wonder
I'd experienced in the year.

Ogden, Utah of all places,
a month after the Fourth of July,
driving down the highway,
blasts in the distance,
getting ever closer,
until we drive by,
right under,
the grand finally
exploding overhead,
red lights glowing in the rear view mirror,
flares in the sky.
Now, that was intense.

But I suppose an entire island
welcoming in the New Year
with a late night party blast
has a certain appeal
for some folks,
those not sleeping with the cats
on the couch.

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It's First Friday.
So, start the year right.
Maybe I should go for a walk tonight
Take my camera
Could get some good pics.
Of course, bear in mind,
(or should that be beer)
when I say tonight,
I'm thinking something like six...

© copyright 2016 Brett Paufler