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Memorial Day

...if you can remember...


Lassie comes running up to you barking, woof, woof, wook, he is trying to say that the bridge is out, robbers have robbed the bank, and or this is an interesting shot of road work, I especially like the way the yellow light, not flashing in this image, cuts off the left side, the bottom is slices by the barricade, and mostly what we see is an empty road, under the L, railroad tracks in case that was not clear, with heavy equipment farther along, in other words, woof, woof, woof

Road Work - Detour Ahead

The usual way was closed due to construction. You know the story, something about making way for a Pan-Galactic Bypass with the plans being on display down in some dark dreary basement corner of the City Hall for the past six months; so, you know, if I couldn't take an interest...

Which anyone who knows the slightest thing about me knows I can't... or don't... or won't.

New Route

A photo of stairs leading up into the L, who knows the station, downtown Chicago, at the bottom, are do not enter signs and the like, I like the image, I like the glow of white at the top, and the rust on the metal stairs

No Turning Back Now

So, I took The Road Less Traveled, The Stairway to Heaven, or Hell, or wherever. In through the out door, that's my motto, as I hopped the gate, determined to get where I was going, wherever that might be.


If I recall correctly, and so often I do, and so often I do not, these fountains are in front of the Art Institute of Chicago, for some reason I feel the need to complete that last, but since every image on this page was taken during the parade or shortly before or after, it is unlikely I went to Cleveland or something in between, anyhow, water jets, black white filter, the first filter of the page, but by no means the last

Where the River Styx Ends

I suppose The Fountains should have been a clue. I mean, I don't know why The Fountains should have been a clue. But in retrospect, yeah, The Fountains should have been a clue.


The light hit the pavement in an interesting way, this is that put through the same black white filter of many of the images, so if it does not look like anything, that is because it does not, some sort of reference to forgetfulness, river styx, all that jive, cool pic, shadows

The Fog of War
or so they say

Distant memories, shadows of the past, tell me, what are these splotches of color and light that fill my eyes? These sounds that fill my ears?


Is that the sound of military marching music?


I had a better image, down in my back up for the website, but it took too close a look at the gentleman who is cut off at the right edge, arguably, it is the better cut, the better shot, but better, mainly because it is clearly, this is more abstract, not as clear, but good luck identifying anyone

Right! Right! Right-Left-Right!

Like some kind of ghost from the past, marching right past, just like the Midnight Marchers, only here, in broad daylight.

I don't think they saw me.

Just as well, I knew I did not want to go... wherever they were headed.

One Way

Snow plows parked to block the street, no one is driving by, actually, quite good terrorist control, would be hard to get past, to plow down folks on the street, not that I thought of that at the time, I just like the image, the shadows, the writing on the street, one way

'Denied,' as they say.

But, like any story, like any path, one doesn't always get a choice. In fact, ever since that first decision, I don't know that I'd made another, and like so many others before, I was simply putting one foot, one image, in front of, after, the other.

Modern Warfare

Two images that make up a fitler pair, this one is black white, gives an aged sort of vibe This has stripes on it, white, black, and a hint of technicolor, gives it a Andy Warhol feel about it to me, but it would be too hard to decipher without the clues provided in the matching image

Classically Retro - Newfangled Modern

One could make some sort of political commentary here, but that is not my way: to say something about how the present is like the past.

Oh, alright.

Perhaps, the wars are a little more just, you know, clear cut, brought to us live, as they are, in color TV, full surround sound, high definition digital stereo, available for immediate playback, now and forevermore.

Waive Your Flag

Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, in order, images of the same, striped with black, they are actually pretty hard to make out I believe his is a Sikh, guy in a turban, waiving an american flag, though good luck telling that from the image I believe his intent was to show patriotism, and I have no desire to detract from that intent

Red, White, & Blue
...or, you know, whatever...

But I'm pretty sure there's two sides to every story... or three... or six billion... or whatever.

In the end, it doesn't matter. I enjoy the flag waving, the spectacle, the grasping for honour and glory.

Just don't make the mistake of believing it can provide a higher meaning to life.

The End

Both images are the same, just put through different filters, this one is multi colored, one of the butterfly effects, if I had to guess, the other is more black white, the lines filter I believe The view is of a skyscraper, looking to the sky, with a plane jetstream forming to the right, something about that plane caught my eye

Day & Night

After all, when it's all over, the only thing most folks care about is food and family, maybe a little frolicking... and being able to walk tall down city streets as the day slowly turns to night, without a care in the world... not a care in the world.

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And, well, if that's what those ghosts gave me, then 'Thank You' from the bottom of my heart... or from the bottom of my Memorial Day glass of beer, as the case may be.

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