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Are they explained?

And if so, to whose satisfaction?

The Big Island, circa 2012, floating lights in the sky, pulled over, and after examination, the cause appeared to be military manuevers, of course, flares causes by military manuvers... or military manuevers caused by flare like activity in the night sky, and then, it is easy enough to shoot a few flares up into the sky after the real action is over and say, look, flares, so believe what you want

Military Maneuvers
Thwarted Klick'it Invasion Going Down in Flames

four images in the next sequemvr were all taken more or less the same time in chronological order, this one is a fuzzy picture of an airplane, obviously enough And here, we have the cool red glow from an afterburner kicking in, running the full width of the Van Der Gras field... or, you know, the suns reflection, yeah, so, sunlight Sunlight, again, notice the missing tip of the airplane, lost in the void And then, the ship is gone, and all that remains is the carrier, an airplane, look ma, no... er, UFOs

Sunlit Reflection
The After Burner Kicking in on a Malfunctioning Van Der Gras Drive

These two were not intended to be a series, I often simply take multiple photographs, because I am such a crappy photographer, and the images are fuzzy so often, at the edge of the clouds, a brightish sort of light, just look straight down down from where the obvious UFO appears in the next image, circal of light in cloudy sky, that is what we are looking at, or in other words, proof positive of life on other planets, the galactic council, and govermental sell out to agents from beyond the rift, but perhaps I read too much into a simple bit of equipment overload slash failure Here we have a wonderful half circle, arc of the triangle or whatever, beautiful corona effect around a dot of light, call it optical failure, heck, call all UFOs optical failures or neuronitic failures or causes of stupidity unable to differentiate the wake from the dream, normal from insanity, and all the rest, you can tell, all the time, great, then that explains why you do what you do in your dreams, or perhaps, you are lost like all the rest, and if a little green man from outer space asked for directions, it would have no lasting impact, because the current state of cloaking technology is that good, it is that good, too bad they do not bother to turn those cloakers on until they are ten miles out, planetary limits, my ass, the range of the humanity extends to the end of the solar system, at least, and likely further into the galactic core, by time honored convention, than any Anturian is likely to ever admit, snout nosed bastards

Optical Refraction
Plume Formation on Ionic Shield Caused by Unsafe Approach Angle during Atmospheric Entry


It is not my job to tell you what these things are. But if it were my job, I am pretty sure UFO would not be part of the accepted lexicon to describe such phenomenon.

'I am not presently at liberty to...' Blah. Blah. Blah.

I remember pulling off to the side of the road to watch the flares. What are they? What is it? I likely would have believed anything... at first.

That airplane. Yeah, sure. I saw it flying into the setting sun, that flash, just a bit of light that caught my eye, nothing special about that.

And that arc of light in the clouds, that last? Clearly, that's just an artifact from the inferior optics of my cheap digital camera (made in China no doubt, come on, get it right guys).

You know what's the most fun? Being out on a desert highway late at night and watching those lights dance back and forth... just like I'd seen on the UFO Special, late night TV, and realizing in the end, oh, sure, it took me a few minutes, but eventually I realized, saw, deconstructed it that way, that it was just some cars coming down a twisty-turny mountain road, lights flashing this way and that on the sharp switchbacks near the peak, far-far (like, far-far-far) in the distance, across a desert plateau. Who would have thought cars at twenty miles would look like that?

You can show me a UFO and I'll see an airplane, landing lights on, coming in at night.

You can show me a UFO and I'll see a meteor, test rocket's flight, explosion mid-air, almost anything... other than an alien craft, arriving late in the night on some secret diplomatic mission.

So, when I see a UFO or even photograph one, I know what is... and what it most definitely is NOT.

After all, I am a reasonable man.

::End Transmission::

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The only thing I can't really explain is why my eyes were drawn to a particular patch of sky in these moments.

Ah, yes, now I remember.

Invariably, it was that odd, out of place, flash of light.

Nothing strange about that.

Nothing strange at all...

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