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It was Egg-zactly what was needed!

Blotting paper from easter egg dying with artificial food gel coloring, paper towels, abstract art, looks pretty

What you want and what you get are never the same.

There are differing ways of doing things, in this picture, the one to the left, we have three dozen eggs boiling all at once And in the picture on the right, we have a mere two eggs boiling at once, the proper way to do things, if I do say so myself

Some do too many, while others do too few.

Some folks like to wash their eggs prior to dying for maximum effect, while others of us cannot be bothered, just saying, a bowl full of soap suds and eggs

But did we really need to wash them?

In egg cartons, the image on the left contains natural coloring, let us see if I can remember, onion skins, red cabbage, tumeric, and beets, the tumeric was the yellow, and the best to the right are the artificial gels, swirled on top, fun but a waste as the color washed off, only the red and blue stuck, the orange and green washed off, so all the finished color is for the most, just the two

I suppose you need to if you are going to do things this way... not so much if you are going to do them that way.

Dying eggs in zip lock bags is the best way to do it, I do not care what dye one uses, it is simply better, as less dye is needed, so it need not be watered down, in the images, two to three drops of artificial food coloring is addd to the bags, giving all the color required, it looks more intense in the bag than out

But, come on, there really is a best way.

Jars of natural food color soaking eggs in the background, boil the dye herbs, say the tumeric, put in glass jar, add eggs, of course, a teaspoon of tumeric with a touch of vinnegar in a zip lock bag would have worked just as well, better even

Fine! Fine! We can do it both ways!

The nuts are left over from Christmas, so here we are in Easter, nuts and eggs, weeks later, the eggs have all been thrown out, did not eat the one, and the nuts are still there, patiently waiting, colored eggs and nuts in bowls, the decorative display

After all, the sum is so often greater than the whole of its parts.

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