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A Symphony for the Soul

This is a police cruiser light as distorted by the flashing light at night and then blown up and enlarged, I like the effect and as good an image as any other I took during the Fourth of July season, this cruiser blocked the view of the real works, along with street lights, and flares, but in the end, it just added to the fun, should I mention that the police officers on duty seemed comically inept at guiding traffic, following protocols, but protocols that did not apply to the situation, which is to say standard protocol, which only served to confuse the passing cars, the continually told drivers not to slow up, but their flashing lights and flares said otherwise

I like the flashing lights.

I think these next three are the same explosion, beginning, middle, and end I am not that good at taking firework pictures, the camera on the phone is only so good, so I doubt the moment is captured Sometimes, often, I wonder how much of my attention I am wasting, taking pictures, when I should be enjoying the moment

Nearby explosions filling the sky.

Here we have a blurry view of two fireworks going off, there were three sets, three launch pads of the show we were watching, and here are two, likely a third off screen, or maybe sometimes they only shot off the one or two, anyhow, beyond the road, beyond the police cruiser, it was an amazingly good show

And for whatever reason, the traffic flares added to the ambiance...

The title is a joke, but you probably already know that the counter factual declaration of nothing to see when obviously there is, here is the show, perhaps going into the grand finally, plenty of launch pads, plenty of action, with the flares in the foreground, just like insect repellent punks from times of old used to light firecrackers

Setting a wider tableau for the display.

These next three shots are time oriented, more or less in the same spot, yeah, I think it is the same spot, some boats in the marina, tied, front row seat for the works, with the fireworks going off in the distance behind One of the things I like is the reflection off the water, the lights from the sky extended forward over the rippling waves, well, not so much waves, as ripples, so rippling ripples dappled with light The view here is much farther away, and from that distance it appeared to be only the one launch pad, a different experience than the night before, it can be odd how many folks can gather for an event and never meet one another, cannot say I met anyone new on either day, maybe it was just my mood, you never know

And the next night was even better... or different... or more of the same... with some reference to 'Smoke on the Water' hanging in the air.

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If only I had some way of capturing the 'Crash! Bang! Boom!' of those rockets incendiary report. Now, that would be something! Make the screen rattle as you load the page!

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