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I do a fair number of Year Long Projects. So, I thought I would get this one out the way a bit early.

Between the two files, one will find a listing of most of the movies I watched in 2019.

The first listing (a spreadsheet in csv format) was an attempt to be hyper-specific in my review of movies. In the end, it became tedious to fill out... and most of the entries made little sense in that there was not enough variance.

The chief motivation was in tracking what I will call Nauso-Rama. I do not like hand held cinematography, as it tends to induce motion sickness and make a movie unwatchable (to me). So any meaningful review system (once again, for me) would have some sort of Nauso-Rama scale. And then, there are other scales like Realism, Gore, Romance, and so on. And I tried to track and score every aspect of every movie that I watched and it quickly became tedious.

Also, I didn't think I would get decent graphs out of the data, making the documentation process even less interesting... to me, at least... and I do believe that will be the last time I bother to include such a qualification on this page.

When I stopped the first spreadsheet, I started a simple text file with the intent of summarizing each movie in a line or two.

This proved more enjoyable and is how the project will continue into the new year.

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