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Lyrical Opera House

It's a song!

The main auditorium, viewed from the back of the room, call them the cheap seats, though the balcony might be those, row upon row of seats, actually, with the stage in front

What's there to say?

I took the tour.

A close up of ropes, vertically hanging ropes, that were used for rigging the sets, there was an immense amount of backstage rigging, immense

Learned the ropes.

Markings on the floor in a practise room, the different colors were the most interesting aspect, I did not get a walk through of technique, but the colored tape on the floor was interesting, lots of tape, had not thought about it at the time, but it looks like they have corridors taped out, this is your alley

But as for the curtain rising

with me on my mark...

I love this Keep This Door Closed hatchway, who knows where it goes, probably mechanical, somewhere dirty, its a fun bit of architecture, surrounded by bits and scraps of props

Let's just say,

I never did learn

what it would be like

to walk through that door.

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