Speed Reading

Is the Art of Arrogant Dismissal

99% of writing is Crap.
My advice, don't read it.

Most Writing is Crap

    One can say this in numerous ways, but the most compelling I think is to point out that most writing projects start out with some kind of outline -- an outline that might have a section entitled 'Most Writing is Crap'.  And then, said author fills out the concept, adds a few examples, and in other ways pads the work.  So, maybe 'crap' is the wrong word: unnecessary to a full and complete comprehension of the idea at hand might be more appropriate.  A great example of this (and by great, of course, I mean one that enables me to keep on cranking out the word count without pausing to think too hard) would be The Seven Habits of Effective People.  Each habit has a name and can be summarized by a sentence.  For example, Habit #8 (could be, I don't know, I didn't read the book): don't waste your life reading crap.  Now, some folks might need a complete chapter to explain this idea, but I'm thinking you're smart; and so, you don't.  Let's not belabor the point any further.  If it looks like fluff, it probably is.  And I don't read it.  That is the heart of speed reading.

How to Get Started

These are the rules of speed reading.  Life is short.  Time is valuable.  Act like it.  Demand the most from your authors.  Demand that they spend more time developing a thought than it will take you to read it.

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Most writing is crap.
Because if you let them, authors will repeat themselves endlessly.
If you don't believe me, maybe you should read my book.
Speed Reading: Coming to Realize that the Needs of a Reader and Author are Not the Same