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Work Is Play

To be truly successful, one must find work that they enjoy.
That is to say, when work becomes play, one has found the road to success.
Of course, whether that road is paved with gold is another matter altogether...

Whenever I hear a famous celebrity (movie star, rock star millionaire, celebrity tycoon) claim to be a diligent or hardworking, I have to remind myself that I consider myself a workaholic.  Of course, part of what I consider 'working' is writing this web entry, so all things are relative.  Which is perhaps another way of saying, if one wishes to be a successful dishwasher, it behoves one to spend their time washing dishes.  But if one (meaning I) would rather be a successful blogger, then that's how they should spend their time.

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Walking about last Sunday afternoon, I saw a small business owner hard at work.
If that was me, first thing Monday morning, I'd be hiring somebody new.

And in that morning of interviewing new hires, I'd get a year's worth of work done.

I also should maybe mention that during said walk I took a lot of pictures, so I was actually sort of working...

Yeah, that's why I never take celebrity's seriously when they claim to be hard working.
 I mean, come on, I could work hard at that all day and never once call it anything but play.

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