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I'm not really looking for a job.

And my connection to The Bay Area is no longer what it once was, so don't let these pictures fool you.

A panoramic view of the Golden Gate bridge from the visitors center on the City Side, lots of clouds, I think it is a rather nice shot

Let Us Begin

I doubt I will ever get another job. I mean, hey, make me an offer. But I have no belief we would agree on terms.

On top of that (and for technical reasons), my public facing email recently changed. So, I returned to many a site (well, at least two) that I had not visited for many a year. And along with updating my email address, while I was there, I decided to change a few things about my profile.

And then, finally, please be aware, I hate throwing away words. It's almost a disease. Nay, it is a disease.

Meaning, the profiles were/are as follows, edited greatly so as to keep my identity a secret... in order to preserve an anonymity on the Internet I have not cared about for years.

Is that clear?

It really should be.

Once again, this is a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, looking up from the base of a tower, into the fog

Memory Allocation Error
My Registers Shall Now Overfloweth

It's a Programming Site: By and For Programmers.

Out With The Old

This is what I previously had to say.

Content Creator
Everything at {this very site} (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly) was done by me. So, there's that.

html python python-2.7 python-3.x numpy

25 Years... Sales
Project Management for a Manufacturer Representative Sales Firm in the Construction Industry, which included such responsibilities as:

In With The New

These days, I'm a little more focused. If the preceding was the old profile, this is the new.

King Of All I Survey
Semi Retired

I performed Sales, Administrative, and Project Management duties for a Specialty Construction Supply Firm for 25 years. And now, I'm looking to leverage that skill base into a Part-Time Hobby Job that focuses more on Programming, Writing, Economics, and/or Law.

A Self Portrait on the Golden Gate Bridge, there is a fair bit of fog, so the pillars are hardly noticable, and I think I look a bit goofy, well, goofy may not be the right word, there was plenty of wind, and my mind was elsewhere and the smile seems a bit fake, if you know what I mean

In The Loop
In The Know

It's one of the premier resume sites out there... or so I assume.

I got plenty of nibbles, but never anything close to a match.

Out With The Old

This is what I previously had to say.

{Gads What a Sucky Website}: This truly is my resume.

I Have Skillz

Project Management!
Should I call it Project Management? I mean, that's the big one, what some folks think they are looking for. So, yeah. I managed projects, people (cohorts on the other end of the line, customers, suppliers, and so on and so forth), product lines, marketing decisions, contracts, and revenue streams. But then, after a sentence like that, this is starting to sound an awful lot like one of those marketing spiels I so despise. So suffice to say, I worked 25 years for the same company. So, like, I have perseverance and loyalty. At the start of those 25 years, I mostly typed and filed (so, clerking level stuff) and finished off my tenure by pretty much doing it all: processing all the regulatory paperwork, while remaining engaged in day to day line activities (getting new work, servicing existing contracts), and making key strategic decisions (like in the end, deciding to close up shop and get into a different line of work). Or, you know, if that's too wordy, I am well versed in Project Management from inception to... help me out here, what's the termination phase called, not deception, but... eh, no matter, the phrase I'm looking for is not coming to me. Let us just say, I know what it means to be an Organizational Man and Live by One's Word. Perhaps that's why I'm more interested in economics, writing, and programming these days.

Line Worker
Fast food was a crap job. It really was. Low pay, low respect, and no upward mobility for one such as I who switched jobs and jumped from town to town at the drop of a hat. But looking back, there was a part of the work that I enjoyed. I enjoyed washing a pile of dishes that filled the back room from head to toe in half the time it would take anyone else. I liked being better. And I liked sweating back there, lost in my thoughts, scrapping those dishes clean, being left alone to do a job. I also enjoyed the flow of the line. I feel like the 'right' thing to say is that I enjoyed working in concert with others, but that would be a lie. What I liked was being a cog in a machine. I had no real control over the operation (on the whole), so I focused on ensuring my small function (making a sandwich, cooking those fries) ran smoothly and that no one was ever waiting on me. I liked that, focusing on the task at hand, the call of the speaker dictating my pace, and the rest of the world fading away. Sometimes, I think it would be fun to do it all again, part time, lunch rush, as a meditation of sorts and as part of a greater exercise regime. And then, I remember the pay. Let's just say, as a general rule, it takes more to motivate me these days... so perhaps, for the right leader, the right crew...

BS Industrial Psychology
Magna Cum Laude
Always helpful when dealing with chronically depressed {product} or {a more expensive product line} suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Diablo Valley College
Da Vacation Center
Associate in Arts (AA Degree)
Electronic Service Technology (Certificate)
Addiction Studies (Certificate)

I studied Electronics (as I was hoping to be an Electrical Engineer back in the day), the Nature of Addiction (for which, Game Design comes rapidly to mind), along with every last elective that looked the least bit interesting (as I put off going to a real college for as long as possible). So, your typical sort of slacker who worked days and studied nights.

{In there somewhere, I also got a BS in Psychology. Rather than going on to Business School, I opted to return to DVC for the aforementioned Addiction Studies Certificate.}

In With The New

I did not leave much.

Content Creator
In my retirement, I spend a few hours a day working on my personal (vanity) website, in which one will find plenty of creative writing and programming projects.

Project Manager
I worked for 25 years managing projects... unrelated to the computer industry.


Looking for a Part Time Hobby Job.

A simple sunset taken over the ocean with reverse negative coloration, it is a nice effect, a simple goodbye
And Now I Must Go

Give It A Rest

I think I should just delete both accounts. The odds of me ever accepting another's terms of employment seem remote at best. And to be honest, the job I want will come from someone reading {This Very Website} and deciding they want {Me! Me! Me!} despite my numerous and obvious flaws.

After all, fishing just doesn't take that much money.

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