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My Complaint

I could feel a storm come rolling-in for years, afterwards.

I sort of slip slided my way down a staircase during my first few months in Hawaii, come to think of it, I was sick the first two weeks, so the island maybe knew what it was doing and was trying to get rid of me... or send me a warning, anyway, I was assured the toe was broken, but that visiting a hospital would not accomplish much, and I let it heal on its own, it hurt like the dickens for a few months, and ached off and on for a few years, but now, I can barely remember which foot it was, the right, I only remember because I was concerned about how I was going drive and work the pedals, or more importantly, might at some point I need to slam on the brakes when my toes didn't want to and responded with pain, it turned out not to be an issue

I didn't make this up. This was a promise you made (or at least, that I think you made) when I was deciding (whether or not) to do business with you.

Believe it or not, our entire future relationship rides on the outcome of this one little thing. After all, I'm only doing business with you because the last company... er, let us just say, failed to meet my exacting standards.

I don't want to have to jump through hoops. Just get it done.

Even if you fail at this, I might still do business with you for years to come. After all, things are 'sticky'. But I promise you this: if you let me down, I will forever after be open to alternative solutions.

Oh, and yes. My expectations are unrealistic. But the only reason I ever became a 'fan' of your company in the first place was because of your wonderful performance in the past. Do you really want to let me down over something this small?

And then, when the next company does better, goodbye.

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I wasn't kidding when I said I wished to lodge a complaint.

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