Brett Rants

Found Art

I went for a walk on a sunny day...

Odds and ends on the sidewalk. Lock, feather earring, computer cable, a pipe, perhaps will residue...

More odds and ends, streamed about, flashlight, colored box, might contain pills, one can always hope...

There are a lot of homeless folks encamped where I'm staying these days.
Easily, several hundred in the surrounding square mile.
Maybe ten grand city wide.
Hardcore, sleep on the street, homeless.

Looks like a hash pipe to me. Oh, wait. Maybe that's a little too specific. So, er, some kind of pipe.
And I turned up these treasures on an early morning walk.
Someone's heart's desire.
Or eternal curse...

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Want it?
You can have it.

Here, I'll leave it on the street for you.
Just like I found it...

copyright 2014 Brett Paufler