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Pumpkin Fairy

She came.
She went.

The whole affair did not last very long.

A photo negative close up image of a spider... the photo negative providing a better version of reality than the original... more spider like

I could not tell you why I am starting this post with a spider. It has nothing to do with The Pumpkin Fairy... outside of temporal proximity.

At the time, I was having a good run with spiders. We were meeting up (on a continual sort of basis) in a non-threatening (I'll stand over here, you stay over there) sort of way.

And of course, part of my way of saying hello to such a creature is to take a snapshot of it.

A 16x16 Digital Representation of a Unicorn, originally, this was a Straw Bale Unicorn... Black and White Straw Bale Unicorn with Swirling Sky Background, the countour effect... but that was originally

Nor am I convinced a subsequent conversation with a Straw Bale Unicorn put me in the mindset, as needed for further Close Encounters of the Magical Kind... as I'm pretty much always in that mindset.

You will please note the red eye in my computer drawn facsimile. I was about to take this Unicorn's photograph, when he said, 'That's not a good idea,' in a way that indicated that it wasn't such a good idea. Go figure. It turns out, Unicorns are good (like very good) at communicating threat. Later, I learned it is the Blue Eyed Unicorns which are friendly. Anyway, that's my story for why I don't have a picture of the Unicorn that I ran into during The Fall... and I'm sticking to it.

It is a nice view overlooking a pond, late autumn, early winter, the clouds reflecting nicely off the water, a large log deadfall front and center, the entire image bracketed by trees

So like I said, it was Autumn.

The Leafs in the Golden Tree, this from the prior year, a shot on a sunny day, looking at the broadside of the tree on that one day a year when it glows

And the world was doing what it does at that time of year.

These are the Leafs from my favourite Fall Time Tree, this year, the pageant lasted less than half a week, as the rains came, or was it the snow, and almost as soon as the leafs on this tree turned, they fell to the ground The same cold weather snow storm that hit the golden tree, hit the ginko as well, causing it to drop its leafs in a single day, slam, all green, both of these images are pictures of leafs carpeting the ground, close ups of a solid mass of leafs

Do you like it best Up or Down?

Eh, no matter.

A nice view of the lake, one of the lakes, the highlight being a shadow, with two figures in bottom left center, it sort of stands out for me Some like Flowers, well, I guess, they all like flowers, but some, the special ones, can appreciate a good Vase of Leafs, as well, which is what we have here

While the world did its thing, we did ours.

You could call it Love... and you would not be wrong.

But that sounds sort of abstract. So, I'm inclined to clarify an aspect of Love... and make highlight of the intertwining of one life with another: shared moments, shared time, and shared projects.

Happy Moments!

Happy Memories!

Happy Life!


For similar reasons as relayed concerning the Unicorn (those being that I do not want to be Haunted for life... and/or death), I agreed to delete the picture of the Trio of Ghosts just as soon as I had... not taken a picture of said Trio of Terrifying (if tiny) Ghosts, as that would just be impossible or as they said, '[It would] undermine their ability to maintain the appropriate level of mystery,' as befitting creatures from another plane of existence.


Once again, no picture.

And not even some computer generated stand in, as 'How can the inexplicable be rendered in any [symbolic] fashion.'

Also, I should mention (lest I seem like a bit of a cowardly wimp, considering their short -- nearly ankle-high -- stature), there were three of them and only one of me. So, things might have been different... if I wasn't such a nice guy... and they hadn't been so utterly terrifying.

These next four are all of more or less the same thing, taken sequentially in time, weeks apart, they include a pot of flowers and two pumpkins, here the pumpkins are whole In this one, either a squirrel or a Pumpkin Fairy (am an unsure as to the timing or turn of events) bored a hole into the one pumpkin, and if one looks carefully, by enlarging the photo, one should be able to see a Pumpkin Fairy, I know I do the snow storm comes, the Pumpkin Fairy comes inside, and the pumpkin display is covered in snow And here we have the pumpkins after the thaw, with leaves stuffed in the opening to keep the pumpkin warm... and give a girl a little privacy, I was told

And this is about where and when pumpkins entered my life.

Nothing special, right?

Just your typical Artsy Tableau (I might have the wrong word, there) executed with impeccable taste and style.


Look closer!

There is a Pumpkin Fairy in there (second image on the left, if you please)!

Seriously, if you do not see a pumpkin fairy in there, I do not know what to tell you, the wings are to the right, head more or less upper central, she is wearing a tiara, dont ask me why, seems like all the Pumpkin Fairies I meet are wearing Tiaras, and left lower central is a bit of pumpkin she is holding, doing a bit of interior design work if you ask me, those Pumpkin Fairies are always doing something or another with their houses

And from there, what more do you need to know? When the weather turned sour, she noticed the miniature pumpkins inside and sort of invited herself in.

I mean, I'd like to tell you of the fun we had. 'Oh, the scamp! The stories I could tell.'

But for the most, she busied herself dusting the pumpkins and watching worriedly out the window, lest some squirrel (or worse, another Pumpkin Fairy) made their home... in her home.

And then (to make an uneventful story even more uneventful), the weather turned once again, as it is wont to do (only for the better, this time). And off she went... never to be seen or heard from again.

Until she smelled a fresh Pumpkin Pie baking in the oven. But that's a whole different story, best saved for another day.

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