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A Theory Of Everything

Thus, I doubt there's much reason to read this page.

the remainder of the page is a textural explanation of the ideas which this graphic is intended to explain, suffice to say it is perhaps the most wonderful graphic ever created, taking one on a visual journey through awareness into the self and back again

A Graphic Explained

As noted on the graphic itself (and from left to right), we have (for, this is a group effort, is it not):
Since my reality is rooted in my own being, let me trace the graphic in both directions starting with myself. I think things are likely similar for others. But then, how would I know?
As I think it is self-evident that humans exist in a context, I will not belabour the point. A Human Being is part of The Human Race, which makes its headquarters on The Planet Earth, which in turn can be thought of in terms of a Cell (if one wishes) and which obviously (is this not obvious) leads to notions of Mother Earth or Gaia by whatever names one wishes to use. And though that's a mind trip all on its own, its not really where I am headed. For, beyond The Earth, there is the rest. And I will posit that this rest (this remainder, this everything, this all) has a conciousness... which in the trivial case reverts to one's awareness of one's self.

In the end (and as I envision the argument), it reduces to a sort of presto-magic.
I think.
I am part of The Universe.
Therefore, The Universe thinks.
And wouldn't it be fun if there was more to it that just that. I mean, the words exist. And it's an irrefutable word game (in that the logic is solid). But it may imply more than there actually is. Still, let's forget about all that (a piddling little limitation if ever I saw one); mainly, because that's no fun. And rather, let's simply assume (for a moment, for as long as this daydream lasts) that there is more to The Universe than meets the eye (and/or than I currently see and/or perceive). Or in other words, let's assume on some level The Universe is looking back and enjoying the show.

Wouldn't it be fun if it were?

I think it would be fun.

But whatever one's opinion on the matter, that's a brief explanation of the graphic that tops this page from the center moving towards the left (i.e. starting at The Self and moving towards The All). So what do you say (as if you have any choice in the matter), we do the same thing only moving in the opposite direction this time, following along as The Self gazes inwardly at itself:
In times past, many a culture thought the heart was the seat of the soul. This might have had something to do with how hard it is to stay alive without an adequate blood supply, but how little intelligence (if any at all) is required to continue to draw breath.

Anyhow, The Self (according to modern theory) arises in The Brain, which is a Physiological Structure, which expresses itself internally as The Mind.

And (for funsies, if nothing else) I would posit The Mind is composed of intertwined substructures, at least some of which (if not all) have direct access to The All.

The Mind:
I see nothing radical in pre-supposing Intertwining Subsystems. The Conscious might be the part of The Mind we care about the most. But few (if any) are willing to claim complete understanding of their Brain (inclusive of Dreams, Motor Functions, and all the rest). And the person who is in complete control of their Emotions is fairly rare... if not unique.

Meaning, there are different parts of our Minds. And I do not consider this to be a radical thought.

What might be a bit more radical is that I am willing to presuppose a Physiological Basis for all such divisions and to accept (as a working hypothesis) that there exist meaningful (i.e. significant) structural separations (in The Brain) between the different subsystems (of The Mind). I am hesitant to use the word autonomous (at least, without further qualification), as the parts are clearly intertwined, interdependent, and manage to present as a fairly cohesive whole. But at some level, we are talking about divisible entities with some degree of autonomy, separation, and independence.
To the extent one Human is autonomous from the next, Brain/Mind Subsystems are also autonomous.
Clearly, Humans are linked together into what is known as Human Kind.

And by the same token, Brain Subsystems come together to make a Mind.

But just as Humans are distinct and different from one another (with independence of action, whatever that might mean), so too are the different Subsystems that make up The Mind.

I will not be listing out the different Subsystems. Nor do I have any reason to believe they are separate but equal. And in the end, I believe a hierarchical structure is the most likely with Lesser Subsystems merging into Greater Subsystems until it is all mashed together and one gets The Mind or whatever one wishes to call The Sum Working Total of The Brain.

Whether one can interact with any of these Subsystems Directly (any more than a person already does) is beyond me.

And I really cannot prove (or even offer much evidence in support of) the theory that any part (or even the whole) of The Mind has direct access to The Intergalactic All. But I think it would be pretty cool if that was the case.

And thus, I am proposing (as a topic for further meditation and musing) that if one falls inside deep enough, they come out the other side with some perception of The All... however limited that perception of The All might be.

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Is this thought pleasing?
Does it take me anywhere?

If so, where does it lead?
What lies beyond?

In short, if one digs deeper, what can one find further down this particular rabbit hole?

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