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Imaginal Relationships

The bestest friends a boy could have.

Don't know if this has been explained before (or rather, often enough before), but these Rants serve as a dumping ground of sorts: the furthest that certain projects are going to get... at this juncture, maybe ever.

So, long story short, this was the rough outline for a complete website (as a sort of web design practice project), but I can't be bothered to fill in the content, so not much of a need for a site... or anything more than a simple web page such as this.

Imaginal Relationships

Imaginal Relationships are self contained (self referential) social interactions.

I personally have more than a few of these:
So, like, there be my references. Imaginal Relationships, I know what I'm talking about (better than the real thing, let me assure you).

Rules of the Imaginal Game

Play how you wish, these ideas may help you along: So, for a throwaway page, I'm getting a bit tired of writing, so just a few quick notes, no explaination, hopefully they're self explainatory. So, one last story
You'd mean the one first story...
So, one first story, and then I'll move on. At some point in the past, a person annoyed me. Yes, happens even to me. And since the Leezards are there to cheer me up and take me side, they figured I should whack this other.
The <Whack!> a day keeps the Doctor away.
And it also sends a person to jail or the nuthouse for the rest of their life.
Eh, it not be so bad.
They don't have no M&M's there.
No, mmms?
No, mmms.
And that be where the whacker of the whackie go if he do the whack job.
So, um. New rule, Meester. No whack the kid.
No whack, no how.
No matter how much another might deserve it, because, you know, I always do what the Leezards, they say.
So, um, about dem Mm's, Meester...

Which is to say, Imaginary Friends are smart enough to know which side their bread is butter'd on...
We'd no want da breader's, Meester.
Yeah'd! Coffee up da MMMMs!!!
They know what side there bread is buttered on, so make sure their wants, needs, and survival are linked to yours.

Less write.
More MMMs!!!

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Still no Mmmms.
He lied'r about the MMs.
Maybe he lied'r about da other things...

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