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Arguing politics is like arguing about your favourite colour; not that that's going to stop me...

I shall not describe these images, one long description at the start and then, next to nada, this is abstract art, variations on a theme, color splurges inspired by randomness, smoothed out, stretched and rolled, curated from many more iterations that shall go unpublished, the images have nothing to do with the commentary, other than the opening line, arguing politics is a lot like arguing color, sure, there is some cross over, but not really, if one could see the images, maybe one could draw associations, but they would be so subtle and subjective that to describe them would be like trying to describe your reaction to the images, which, just in case you are wondering is, that is nice, soothing, I like this one better, the next, same only a little different, eh, I shall give you some hints, pastel splotches this one

Any working political solution requires overwhelming popular support (or in the anti-pattern overwhelming physical violence); and my proposal is no different. If you feel it 'wouldn't work', then of course, it 'wouldn't work' by definition.

And maybe that's my problem with the current system...

bigger splotches, less pastel, more primary

The legal system is too verbose. Words only lead to loopholes, so in allocating a hundred pages for all the laws in the land, I think I'm being generous.

splotches so big, splotch is the wrong word, the pattern so large, it hardly has time to repeat itself

I like the idea of a Boy Scout Militia. Everyone serves, because why would you not?

And these Volunteer Boy Scouts would do most of the drudge work of festival patrol and routine neighbourhood walks.

ropey horizontal twist in full living color

It a sign of a Broken System when anyone feels the need for a Private Security Force (or to own a gun for nightly self-protection).

Enforcement of transgressions should be done by small progressive fines until, finally, the real money is reached.

But for most first offences, if caught in time, a good 'talking to' is all that's really needed. Would you really Jay Walk if every time you did, someone gave you a five minute lecture on Pedestrian Safety and how Everyone Has to Do Their Part immediately afterwards?

After all, with so many Boy Scouts out on patrol at any one time (it being a lifelong endeavour and commonly acknowledged civic duty), escaping justice would be most unlikely.

Or in other words, there is no need to turn a blind eye when one is empowered to see.

larger rope, could just as easily be an enlargment, I mean, it is in a way, but its not just a simple enlargment

In relation to crime, Jury Trials should decide all: everything, every last detail. And indeed, I believe this was the original intent (of the US Constitution).

Taking away another person's life by Firing Squad or Life Imprisonment should be a personal affair.

As should releasing said same back into the world of Polite Society.

the previous was blurrier, this is clearer

If there is to be only one hundred pages for everything, well, then, one page for you and me sounds about right.

Contracts should be short: to the point of minimalism.

If the jury can't understand it, doesn't like it, or just doesn't like you (I'm pretty sure they're going to like me better, said the arrogant fool), then they have not only the right, but the Civic Duty to throw that contract out, play it by ear, and do what's fair.

nice closeup, almost like a wallpaper, I have seen worse abstract art in museums, said every artist ever

Signs (as in Declarational Placards and Limits of Liability) are a sign of a failing system.

If any rational person would display a notice, it only makes sense to assume that all would; and therefore, the need is eliminated.

As in, Park at Your Own Risk. But of course, it's understood.

And since the declared intent of Society at Large is Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (a.k.a. Freedom), there's not much point in expending a lot of effort telling folks what they can't do.

A well adjusted member of society should know if an action is appropriate or not. And in those edge cases, well, certainly there must be one of those Boy Scouts around here, somewhere, that we can ask.

pointillistic pastel splotches

Tax Evasion and avoidance of a Civic Duty is Treason.

There is no crime greater than betrayal of the Public Trust.

as above, only more intertwined and connected

The Public Space is by definition Communal Property.

As such, stewards should be welcome, nay encouraged, to cultivate their own little corner here and there: think Community Rose Gardens or Internet Forums.

larger, more fuzzy

It's nearing the end, so perhaps, I'm getting nit-picky here, but it fits in well with the fractured shape of the last image, the fractured structure of this rant, the fractured state of society at large, and the fractured state of our legal system, so let's just say special cases are the Slippery Slope.

All should be equal before the law.

And all should have an equal opportunity to seek nourishment from its bosom.

Final image, there are sharp lines of contrast, in case you are wondering, this is the wrap around of the stack overflow, interger overflow, whatever at 1 to 1111 and you get 0000, it is at that edge, and then, in the background, soothing, color

Now, that's what I call a rant.

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The images are a personal attempt to explore 'Perlin Static', whether I succeeded, well, that's a whole different blog post.