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Proving, I'll rant about anything.

    Actually, this isn't so much a rant, as an idea I've been sitting on for ever since I started working on this site.  And now, with the New Year (2014), I've decided to wrap up a few loose ends and clean up my ToDo list, which (it would seem) includes posting this here. Anyhow, the offer still goes.  If you want your name added to this page/list (with a link, contact info, or whatever), send me an email. Who knows what this could turn into given enough interest. And if there is none, well then, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Interested in a Paufler Genealogy Page? Maybe I Can Help

    I acquired the domain, because I thought Brett @ (check the bottom of the page for the current email address, as this may have changed) would be a cool email address and because I wanted to ‘own’ the search results for my own name.  If someone is searching for Brett PauflerI want a page that I own and control to be the number one result that any search engine spits out.  I could be wrong, but I believe owning the domain will be an aid in that endeavor.

    That said, there are other Paufler’s out there and other uses for a domain -- a Family Tree and/or Genealogy Chart coming rapidly to mind.

    If you are interested in being included in such a thing, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to add your name to this page.  And if you don’t, I won’t.

    I’m thinking name, current location, your place in the tree, and maybe a short blurb to start.

    If you want me to post your email address, link to your website, or other social media account, please let me know the specifics.  Otherwise, I’ll leave that information blank by default.

    If there’s any interest, I’ll plan to polish the site as it grows.

    And if there isn’t, the idea was just a whim, an afterthought, based upon having secured the domain for personal reasons, so no real worries.

    My Info: not that it's not already plastered all over this site...

    Brett Henry Paufler (1965, Walnut Creek, CA)

    A short blurb seems like the thing to do, here; but if you really want to know what makes me tick, you’re probably best off visiting the other entries on this site or my writing website: Brett Words

    Want you name added?
    Send me an email:

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Paufler, Pautler, I wonder how many other derivations of the name there are?
And where and when the splits occurred.