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A Walk In The Woods

...just like any other...

Muir Woods 2017, summer, this is a view looking up at the treetops, I took lots of panoramic images, panning from top to bottom, but in the end, I did not care for any of them, fun to take, but not the images I was looking for, the green in the trees is quite nice in this one, it is why this image beat out the others like it
What is the better view?
Looking up or looking down?

A tree fallen over, I could not tell you if it was still alive, it is covered in moss, and the forest floor extends beyond, sloping up a hill
Does it matter if a log blocks the way?

Coming back in after a long morning stroll that took several hours, this is the path less travelled, from a camp site that I do not think allows camping anymore, back to the main entry, less a few wrong turns along the way
Though, I must admit, I like an easy trail...

The main path follows a stream, river, or whatever you want to call a creek of this size, it was hardly the best looking feature, but I guess this image was different enough from trees, trees, and more trees that it seemed worthy of inclusion, or more likely my system was more like one or two of this, ok, one, one, two, or three of this, one seems to do it, hmm, only have one of these, ok, include it
Especially one that runs next to a stream.

yes we can, like making web pages or walking in the near semi-wilds, the real obstacle was not shown, it involved a little more danger, a near cliff, steep slope to one side, and a log completely blocking the way on the other, hug the log, no thanks, a guy could get dirty that way, or make a quick hop down and up on a little shelf where others had done the same, oh, right, I am supposed to describe things, a bridge in the middle, with two images of the same log, before and after, blocking the path The two side images are of a log blocking the way, scratched full of initials, while the center image, this one, is of a grate covered bridge, to the wild, creek like rapids, mere feet below, so more looks than anything else It is strange how much time a person may take when confronted with an obstacle such as this... or simply admiring the way ahead, as much as the trees, these man made effects are every bit as interesting, and one does have to change pace to by these things, bending over, for a man not used to doing such things
In the end, though, 'We can do difficult things.' Or at least, I think that's what she said.

The eyes would fall out of the boards on the walkway, and I do not know if they are called eyes anymore, odd that, I grew up with wood, but... knots, they are called knots, knots in the wood, they fall out, creating tripping hazards, and so metal plates are nailed over the top, this is one plate riveted down over another, so two for the price of one, these were very steam punk looking and caught my eye
She also may have said something about how there should be more pictures of 'us' on these webpages. And that's what this last image is about, metaphorically speaking, anyhow.

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'How's this for metaphorical?' I can almost hear her say. But that's not the real question. Rather, it's 'Do you want to go for another walk in the woods?' Which, with any luck, the answer will be a resounding 'Yes!'

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