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The Luck of the Draw

I was listening to yet another talk by the same guy. And I thought I should make some sort of notation of that fact. And then, considering how many truly massive pages I have in the pike, I felt like doing something short and easy, something that I could pound out on the fly. So, walla. A quick and easy page. But in the future, this should likely be a Year Long Project.

Or in other words, these guys lucked out by being in my feed at the right time; and thereby, making it into this Pilot Project.

More to the point (i.e. the justification for this page in the first place), I have found listening to these three men (all men) to be highly entertaining and mentally stimulating. As in, much of what they have to say rings of the truth and is worthy of praise. And then, of course, just last night, I spent long hours in bed (in the middle of the night, no less) dissecting something one of them said, becoming more and more convinced that their underlying assumptions were wrong. So, there's that, as well.

The Names in My Feed

I feel like I should hold off on posting and make this list longer. But doing that would run counter to the idea of getting it done and getting it out.

Also, as a final note, this Shout Out is not some kind of subtle coat-tail play for attention, as each of these three guys is popular enough on their own that no mention by me on my little ole site is going to make it into the search results. I might as well be a ghost.

So, there you are. Let's just call this a simple Gratitude Page and be done with it.

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