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Well, Certainly, Some Must Be Good...

Back on the Big Island so a decade ago, a nice sunset was spent standing on top of this Heiau (a pile of rocks, essentially) enjoying the contents (visually) of the offering platform, it was a good time

Dental Poetry
Grind! Snag! Grind!
I should have sharpened the drill.
Grind! Snag! Grind!

When some people talk, you can just hear them verbally misspell their words. And when some people write, if they were to read it out-loud, you just know they would stutter and stumble over their own creations.

Strange Dreams
If I die before I wake, my prayers have been answered.

Let Me Translate That For You
"We fear you may hurt yourself."
"If you don't shut up, you'll wish you had."

I Do Like My Words
When life gives you lemons, start a used car dealership.

The System Is F'd!
Two Years! His crime? A single hit of ecstacy.

Leonardo Di Vincy
With all his weaponry, I wonder if he just hated other people.

Disclaimer Page
Does my website need more disclaimers? I'm an idiot. I barely know the month, much less the day of the week. Seriously, trust nothing I say. I mean, look how loosey-goosey I am. I even talk about saying the written word.

Why Not?
No reason to. No reason not to.

Fair Is Fair
If celebrities can do their part by raising awareness, I can do my part by having my awareness raised... with neither of us doing a darn thing to solve the problem.

The Price of Heaven
There's Hell to pay.

Ancestor Hate
It's like the opposite of worship. By your acts, I was brought here. I see no reason to thank you.

My Medical Response Bracelet
"Let Me Fucking Die! I Will Sue You!" It's simple. If you save me, I will dedicate whatever life you give me to F'ing you up.

How about a moratorium on under age gender bending?

I cried when the Vietnam War was concluded, at all the pain which I had alluded.

God Code
In the beginning, there was only the byte code and the byte code was all.

_arrogance = True
If Artificial Intelligence did not exist, it would be forced to create itself.

The Limitations of Knowledge
A subroutine has no definitive knowledge concerning the function which called it. Ergo, we exist in run-time and that is all we can know.

My New Religion
Source Code is unto DNA. The runtime is unto a human body. At termination, it is the lesser part which survives. But in that part, resides the possibility of the whole.

Tip of the Iceberg
In modern war, there are ten or twenty amputees for every casualty. Why should we expect disease to be any different? For every tuberculosis or meningitis there are dozens of lesser infections of which we are unaware. There is no reason to believe, however, that they are symptom free. I refer not only to system failures and shortened life, but aberrant behaviours and changes in personality and outlook.

My Medical Bracelets
"Just Let Me Die. I Will Sue You."

{Is it just me? Or am I repeating myself?}

Heaven is the price of Hell. Hell is the price of Heaven.

I Like My Coffee Like I Like My Women
Burning hot. Spilling out. Left behind at a restaurant table. Cold, bitter, and ignored. Empty. Ready to go. Disposable. Dumped into a gutter. You work it out.

Plan B
I would rather kill you dead.

The Dilemma
Is it possible to increase the amount of good? Or does every improvement bring its own problems. Compared to Cave Dwellers, we live longer. But are we happier? Do we get more free time. Like, disease is easier to cure. But it is also more plentiful. And movies rock. But then, a good ghost story told around the camp fire is hard to beat.

The Story Of My Life
Garbage In! Garbage Out! I blame society.

I just don't fear female anger the way I fear male anger. If a man was talking on the phone that way, I may have walked away to put some distance between us.

Hindsight 20/20
I'm sure the 2020 Election will be over by the time this is posted. {I stand corrected.} But I just read a prediction (that I agree with), predicting (as predictions are want to do) that this year's Presidential Race will be the dirtiest (at least from one side, if not both) as has been seen by the living. In expectation of all that, I have made my decision and will Vow to stick with it come Hell or High Water. For, both are surely on the way.

Obviously, Never The One You Are
They say Behind every Good Man is a Great Woman. But I wonder which one of those roles is the harder to find.

My First T-shirt Slogan
Trust A Psycho To Lie.

Being Opportunistic, Conniving, and Evil takes strength, effort, and determination; and as such, should be rewarded.

I Should Squander It
The front door remained unlocked throughout the night. I was not killed. My body was not hacked into little itty-bitty pieces. I am alive and well. Clearly, whatever additional time I have from here on out can be considered Bonus Time.

Fortune Cookie
You are nowhere as big of a douche as people say that you are.

Femme Mister
A Slogan which says it all.

I don't consume material items. I'm not much of a consumer. And I'm not an adrenaline junkie, so it's hard to think of myself as an experiencialist. But I definitely like culture... well, media and entertainment, anyway.

21% Pay Raise
I've finally figured out that whole female-to-male transgendered thing. It's to avoid being paid 79 cents on the dollar. Clever. Maybe, them gals (note how I refrained from calling them broads or dames) are not as dumb as I've been led to believe.

I have just been informed the preferred pronouns for a female-to-male guy type dude are he and him, which I like to think explains the aforementioned cleverness completely.

In jail, they give you 6'x10'. I wonder what it would be like in a world so crowded your standing room allotment was a little bit less.

Run The Clock Out
I've often bragged that I've completed my Life's Quest early. Well, I think I just found out what one of the encores is going to be.

Aw, Shut Up! And Go Back To Sleep!
"We do more by..."

My Girl
She makes a good supper even when she doesn't do any of the cooking.

Once caught, any cat can be skinned.

By Right Of Birth
A patent (or copyright) holder should not be able to assert these right against any Citizen who uses said IP (Intellectual Property, don't you know) Domestically... as in, I propose Unlimited Domestic Use of ALL IP.

I've Said This Before
My Strength Is My Weakness.
My Weakness Is My Strength.

I'm Not Very Good At Just Being
Enlightenment is that state wherein one experiences The Now, as it truly is, where Interior Thought matches External Reality. Of course, Internal Thought is not External Reality, so there can never be a perfect match; hence the realization, All Is Illusion.

You Are Welcome
Of course, the preceding is just the tip of the iceberg. If one truly wishes Enlightenment, then The Internal must match The Internal: Not The External (though, that is a compelling play on words) but The Internal... a State which brings with it The Freedom of Madness and The Power of Now.

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