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two boxes, one a soft pliable toy carrier of sorts filled with a mixture of toys, cards, deflated cheap imitation basketball, dart shown, just a big mix

The Find

We were going out to the dumpster to look at the Plant Shelves (random crap furniture, which had been used for potting plants) that I had noticed earlier in the day. But in the end (and pretty much, right from the start), those were not desired.

But these!

Someone had added two boxes of toys to the discard pile, the freebie stack, or whatever you want to call it. And these did not last. I nabbed them the second I saw them, without giving it a second thought.

And now, I shall likely throw it all out, piece by piece, making a day of it... {or as turned out to be the case, several months of it}.

Such Fun!

The Preliminary Sort

Think of it as an Archaeological Expedition through an old discarded Toy Box, if you wish.

Punching Bag
At the top lies a small child-size Punching Bag and a Basketball Bag, which could easily double as a Trick or Treat Bag. Both are being tossed right quick, as they are large and I have no need for either.

In other words, let the sorting begin!

On a more serendipitous note, I will mention how I was just musing (just the other day) about buying a Punching Bag or the like if we should ever get a house. And here, The Universe is gifting me a Punching Bag... albeit a small one. Perhaps, in The Universe's estimation, the small size corresponds with my chances of ever buying a house ... or how seriously it takes my desire for a punching bag.

I shall not read too much into it. This is the way The Universe usually gifts me things... almost, but not quite as desired... off by a little... still the effort is there.

And it is nice to know, The Universe was thinking of me.

First Pass
There are LEGOs! Hot Darn! So, The Universe is being kind to me, as LEGOs have been on my Wish List for some time now. There are not that many LEGOs, not tons and tons, but it will make for a nice starter set. And as near as I can make, the only boxed toy is a Bionicle by LEGO.

There are quite a few Pokemon Cards mixed in, as well, which will be fun.

I threw out two loosely packed 5-Gallon Ice Cream Buckets (another junk pile find) worth of odds and ends in my first major plunge, including a single Knee Pad, a Pair of Socks, a few Plushies (a Singing Football and an Interesting Owl), assorted large plastic pieces (of design unknown), and quite a flew Giant Floor Puzzle Pieces. This is just a partial list, of course. So calling it an Archaeological Dig (back at the beginning) was a bit of an over-statement.

I intend to do a second similar plunge in a few moments, trying to identify the major finds and collections I wish to keep, while tossing out those items that are not for me.

Of course (and with any luck), I'll get a Stocking Stuffer or two out of the find. Someone has mentioned Light Brite in passing. And there is some version of this game at least partially included. If nothing else, it may well act as a reminder to add a full-size (and new) version of Light Brite to my shopping list.

Second Pass
I will have the lot down to a single box, before long. The big pieces are going. As are the small pieces of momentary diversion: open the box, the door, slide this, slide that, and one is done (or at least, I am done) exploring the item, so the simple stuff.

There is a small UNO Deck along with some sort of Angry Birds Card Game. But I will not be saving either.

I've got a small vial of Soap Bubbles and some sort of squishy Dinosaur Egg (that I'm fairly certain contains some sort of treasure) set to the side for further exploration. They have too much potential to make a mess to add back in.

{In the end, the Dinosaur Egg contained a defunct flashing light assembly.}

I am tossing Nerf Darts, big LEGO Blocks (by whatever name), and most of the playset structural pieces (of sets unknown). I am making good headway. Oh, the Ice Cream Buckets aren't 5-Gallon (now that I think about it), more like 2 or 2-½ Gallon containers. Anyhow, this last pass represents another bucket out the door. So the volume has been reduced by at least (at least) 6 Gallons.

Third Pass
My back hurts from hunching over, so this is it on the day. I have thinned the pile to ⅓ of what it was when I started. Curiously, there are no Hot Wheels or the like in the lot. In retrospect, I would have expected some. On the other hand, this collection likely represents what did not make the cut as another sorted their belongings. So, that would explain that. Working Cars are easy to keep.

I would have liked for there to be more Race Track. But there is not. Of the (Hot Wheels style/size) Race Track pieces I can identify, I only got the one Center Piece, but it's broken.

I like the small figurines. And I have been able to identify many smaller sets to separate further: LEGOs, Modular Track (not Hot Wheels), some Break Ball thing. I think from here, I will consume (use or enjoy) some of the one-off pieces. I am looking at you periscope. Meaning, I am thinning the pile further, but recognizing that much of what remains holds some value: i.e. pleasure can be extracted from handling individual pieces or collections for longer periods of time.

There are bits and pieces of a Large Transformer in here. But they're all headed towards the bin. I don't think I have a set and/or the makings of a complete figure. But it would have been cool (now, there's a story to tell and a trophy to keep) if one had emerged from the wreckage.

The initial scruff is gone, there is a lot of high quality plastic, here, note the snake, track, and cards neatly grouped together in a box

Play Dates

The Toy Box only sat for a week and a half prior to my getting around to it again, so that's not too bad. The timing is bound to elongate. I wouldn't be surprised if it sat for months at some point. Actually, it's bound to, as there are LEGOs at the bottom. And I'm planning on keeping those.

I used to play Magic the Gathering. So, I would have much preferred Magic cards. Still, flipping through the Pokemon Cards was fun. This is just the first pass. I kept any card that glittered or caught my eye, which includes anything that made me laugh or chortle. The cards have more humour than I would have guessed, being full of Visual Puns.

MineCraft Blocks
I have no idea what these things are called. And in the wild, I am sure they are completely uninteresting, being little more than ⅛" squares of plastic. But (from all appearances) they are intended to be heat fused together. And so, one can create art. Being reusable, LEGOs are worlds better. But I like what the person (presumably a child) before me made. Of course, now that I look at them, I'm convinced they were put together based on included patterns. That would explain the lack of pride in accomplishment. In the end, they are a lot like my 8-Bit Art... and one of the designs may well be copied by me into that medium.

Oh, right. I should mention that the aforementioned MineCraft Blocks were part of a liberal toss out (a thinning, if you will), as I collected the vast majority (I'm sure I missed some) of the following Plastic Track.

Plastic Track
I think I would have liked this immensely as a child. The Track itself is of a small modular design and outside of the color there are only two ways of assembling the Track: in a swervy line or a connected circle. I cannot imagine utilizing the Track in any way but by making the largest circle possible and designating the area inside the circle as safety, home, an island, or something of the like. Defining a safe area was a soothing game for me as a child. I remember going through all (most, many, or at least, some) of my toys and cramming the best into Big Jim's Winnebago. And the game would be to drive the Winnebago somewhere (some corner of the house), unpack... and then, pack it right up again {as things were 'safer' that way}. The circle of Track would have had the same appeal. Also, it's very floppy, consisting of ½" long by 3" wide sections. And as I was throwing the lot out (into the recycle bin, but of course, where almost all of these toys are going to wind up), I couldn't help but notice what a good necklace the Track would make. So, the possibilities are endless.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I need to watch a video to see how to put the next item together.

Well, these turned out to be a bit of a bust. The pieces I have are not so much a toy or parts to a toy, as they are packaging. Now, it's great packaging, great marketing. But the fun is in busting open the Smashers to reveal the figurines inside. Seems fun. But unfortunately (and as a colossal oversight, if you ask me), little thought was given to making the packaging reusable. It is. It is possible to put the pieces back together. But in my opinion, it is not a skill worth spending the time learning to develop. This does, however, explain the origination of many of the small figurines.

From almost the start, a Plastic Snake bubbled its way to the top. And I have been having a hard time finding a home for it. The best bet was always the bathroom, next to the toilet. But it would get nasty fairly quickly. Instead, I opted to put it outside in the Pumpkin Patch. I don't want it to scare away the Squirrels. And it would be a shame if it did. But one of the (tiny little) Pumpkin Fairies is going to keep me company over the weekend. And the Snake seemed like it would make a fun guard for her pumpkins while she is away.

Sponge Bob Square Pants
I just now figured out who this was supposed to be. This is another one of those objects that percolated to the top rather quickly and that I mentally set aside to be enjoyed later. And as I was squishing it around in my hands one last time prior to throwing it out, I had given it the name Rat Man... and then, recognition struck. Being a solid green did not help... nor did the rat-tail like appendage coming out if his head... or the prickly rubber spines covering his body. But underneath all that, we are definitely talking about Sponge Bob Square Pants.

The tricky issue of identification aside, I was thinking it had deflated, which is has, but not as much as I had imagined. And I was trying to figure out how to inflate it. But no. For this toy, the real pleasure has come from the final determination as to its true identity.

The second time through the cards, I was not nearly so pleased... or the jokes have been run. I expect to keep a card or two from what remains, but no more than that. In fact, I should just run through them a third time, right now.

I find that throwing things out is an activity that accelerates over time... or falls off to nothing. None of the cards mean anything to me. And although it would have been nice to make a Talisman out of one or two of them (even going so far as to make a deck or a hand), none of the cards called out to me. Some were sparkly. Some were obviously more powerful. But none called out to me.

In the end, I have opted to keep a Jinx card, which I will play the next time a certain someone plays that game. And then, they can pass the joke along in turn, if they so desire.

Magna Tiles
I would have liked to have received more of these. There are but two in the pile, which is not enough. They seem high quality and are of the type of toy I believe I could still spend some time with. But two magnetic puzzle pieces are not enough to do much with.

Mega Bloks: Halo
I had thought this was a Bionicle. But it is not. On the other hand, it is close enough that it would be a keeper if I cared for either. For me, LEGOs are 2x4 Bricks. The other shapes are not only cheaters, they are worthless. Perhaps, the next great phase of this sorting project will be in tossing out the LEGO (and Mega Bloks) that are not Real LEGOs (or Mega Bloks). I will have to think about the edge cases. But the shell of a helicopter (that consists of a single piece, which is obviously a helicopter chassis) is not something I am going to keep.

I am in the midst of a rather large sort. I've gotten to the point where most of the Big Toys have been removed. And what's left are a bunch of small cool figures (which should be appreciated over time) and a miss-match of LEGOs. Those LEGOs which I consider NOT A LEGO, I am tossing. As I made have mentioned, I consider a LEGO a 2x4 Brick, not some specific function connector piece... nor a Mega Blok. So if something is not what I consider a LEGO, it is getting tossed at this point. And by the end of this sort, I expect to be able to fit what remains (of everything) into a rather large Shoe Box.

I like little Figures. I played Slaughter Quest™ growing up. And there were plenty of Figures in this Toy Box that would have made good monsters... well, at least four or five. But then, that's more than I had as a child. Like everything else, I went through these and tossed maybe half, before moving on with my sort.

Toy Box
I would say I am getting near the end, but that is a lie. What is true is that I am entering another stage (maybe the final, but likely not) of the sorting project. And there is no longer any need to keep the Toy Box. The Toy Box (itself) was rather interesting in that it had a zipper on the bottom. It makes for easy storage... or more importantly, easy transportation from its country of origin to our own fair shores.

In looking at the pile that awaits me on the table (could be a desk, you make the call), I am sort of surprised by how much crap still remains.

Pet Hair
I almost forgot to mention this. I am getting down to the point where I am noticing the numerous small scraps of paper and the prodigious (truly prodigious) amount of pet hair. I had always planned to wash whatever I keep {at the end, still haven't}. And short white pet hairs are just one more reason to give everything a thorough cleansing.

Also, to date, I have found an almond, a bit of breakfast cereal, and some long sticky thing about the size of a crayon, but which was definitely not a crayon. Of course, that was so long ago, I can no longer remember the particulars. Needless to say, those (snack food) items (et al) were not among the keepers.

close to the final sort, upside down figure, LEGO pile, this is some high quality plastic, at the moment, it is squirrelled away in a box for later processing, I having moved on to the second find

The Final Sort

Truthfully, I have no idea if this is the final sort. But we are getting down there.

Odds & Ends
It's not the Final Sort, but it's close. These are the odds and ends that I'm not keeping, but find worthy of mention, grouped by sorting session.
Toy Gun (over-under, SF Space Faring type, sized for a GI Joe); Game Spinner (white, from some game, obviously); Breakfast Cereal (soon, I shall have a bowl); Raffle Ticket (1,000 more, and I can redeem for a plastic whistle); Candy Rope (red with white center, I've never seen this style before); Removal Tool (I presume, who knows what it is designed to remove); Bottle Cap (from some budget brand, because if it was a name brand, I would know which one); Toy Ax (Big Jim size, block style); Megaphone (so if Barbie is missing hers, I've got an extra... or would have until I threw it out); Carrot (super-ultra-tiny baby size); Smiley Face (could be a bead); Button (the same brand as of one of the figurines that I like); Screw (eh, it's an interesting screw); Moon Glass (it's like a cratered magnifying glass that was probably a porthole or something); Block Figurine (I like his perpetually folded arms and flat sheet of plastic that is supposed to be his beard).

Three Army Men (radio, binocular, and grenade thrower guys); Large Staple (from a refrigerator box or something, copper); Girl (some Disney character, nice high quality, but doesn't stand, and I'm not exactly a fan of her work); Fox Head Eraser (the small kind); Ball (well, a small ball of something squishy); Game Piece (Sorry or Parcheesi would be my best guess); Beetle Bug (some anthropomorphic contraption created from numerous pieces); Screwdriver (very small, but technically a screwdriver); Candy (round and flat, I do not recognize the brand); Sword (Big Jim size, to my eye, anyhow, maybe swords have gotten larger, bejewelled); Figurine (looks like a well fed fish, there are more figurines to come); Chipmunk (block style, on the edge of making the cut); Hand Cuffs (for show and one inch wrists, but they look to be strong and magically enhanced).

Tyrannosaurus Stencil (well, it's not really a stencil, but it does glow in the dark); Three Heads (they are from middling size figures and could have been interesting if whole; as it is, they all have long ears; a bunny, a fox, and a robot space alien); Frankenstein (plastic army man size, I thought it glowed in the dark, it does not, the Tyrannosaurus Stencil, on the other hand, does).

The Great Washing

I have three groupings (of four toy types left): Three Metal Figures (DC Marvel, they are hard to throw out), Three Squishy Monsters (I would have loved these back in the day for use in my Slaughter Quest™ Campaigns), a Mixed Lot of LEGOs (and it's almost exclusively LEGOs at this point, though a lot of those LEGOs are scrap LEGOs), and a mixture of Figurines (good enough to keep up until this point).

I'm going to start by washing the Squishy Trio. But it's just an exercise in sorting, as there doesn't seem to be much chance I will value them long-term. {Um, a few months later and the trio has seen the most play out of anything, still sitting where I left them on my bookshelf.}

As is keeping with their character:
What differentiated this box from the first was the larger size of the pieces, this was clearly a second run of the same folks, and if the first was what they did not want to clean up, these were bigger items, making space for christmas, at first glance, it was a better find, higher quality garbage, but most of the big pieces were simply taking up space

Hold The Phone


What's this?

Another box?


I found another box out by the dumpster. It's likely from the same family as last time... only bigger items this time around, which means it will go quicker.

I presume the children (or the parents, or the children at the parents urging, which is the most likely) are getting ready for Christmas: out with old, in with the new.

Whatever the case, Score!

And now, I'm basically back to square one... which isn't the worst place in the world to be.

A Quick Pass
I don't want this box to sit forever... nor do I particularly want to spend a lot of time on this project, today. So, I grabbed some of the bigger items to toss: a Plush Dinosaur, Giant Floor Size Puzzle Pieces (OK, piece), and a few large pieces of plastic... part to a Car, Train, or Roller Coast Set of some sort... I would guess.

Drum Kit
The highlight of this foray into the box (a full month since my last dive, Christmas having come and gone in the interim) will consist of throwing away the small toy Electric Drum Kit... whether it was designed for hands or sticks is unclear. Before I get to that, however, I will be throwing out a few odds and ends that I dug up. For instance, the box came with a pair of Training Wheels, which brought a smile to my face. But for which, I have little need. I am, also, getting a kick out of the small Popsicle Plushie. But unless extraordinary (which this little guy is not {but which a Dinosaur Plushie not mentioned elsewhere turned out to be}), any soft goods will be disposed of as if they were biological contaminants. What else can I tell you about this load? There is a Sesame Street Alphabet School Bus. But it doesn't have working batteries. In fact, quite a few items from this load (which itself consists of two or three plastic grocery bags worth) happen to be defunct controllers, which I shall not be trying to put back in touch with whatever it was that at one time they controlled. Oh, yeah. And a few pieces of Large Track (of a different sort than in the previous load). But this Track looks kind of boring. And besides, I've got that Drum Kit to goof around with for awhile.

It turns out I was greatly over-estimating the quantity I was getting rid of. As I walked out to the garbage bin, everything fit into a single plastic bag, over-filled, bursting, but it was just the one grocery bag... excepting the Drum Kit, of course. But that's going to get played for a song or two, before I ditch it... right after I check the mail.

My Drivers License came! Yippie!

Time to Rock!

Naked Eyes Always Something There To Remind Me
Trick Daddy Let's Go

I garbage picked a Comfy Chair a while ago. I like hitting my sticks on the back of that a whole lot more than this cheap plastic piece of crap.


Broken Wooden Maraca
I waited until I was done this time, so I can say (without any doubt): In the next bag, a Broken Wooden Maraca was the highpoint. I was actually a little disappointed to discover it was broken.

From there (and not counting the true junk), the stuff I enjoyed spending a few moments with or which caused me to laugh (and/or appreciate) upon encountering included a Holographic Frisbee (small size), Power Crane (move the lever and the bucket goes up and down), Miniature Bat Mobile (pure crap), Small Stuffed Baby Seal (is it wrong to want to club it), Hungry Hungry Hippo (two of them, the large size, a smaller self contained game remains further along in the box {it turns out, there were two of those, as well}), Parrot PEZ Dispenser (yeah, it caught my eye), and a Wooden Airplane (of the type that goes into a wooden puzzle, only a bit bigger).

I will now sweep the lot (the stuff I just described) into a bag worth of other Plastic Errata and walk it out to the bin.

A few things did get tossed back into the pile. Um, I can't remember if I kept the Mr Potato Heads (just the heads) on the off chance I'd find the pieces. But I know for sure there was a Rubber Squeeze Toy that I enjoyed enough to save for a later (and therefore, slower) stage.

And finally, I (also) saved (for later) a nice Spaceship Tin Toy with a marble in it, which is unlikely to be very old. But it certainly had a nice old time feel to it.

Still, a fifteen minute stretch (which is what I just spent on this project) is enough for the day.

Hungry-Hungry Hippos
I got rid of two full-sized Hungry-Hungry Hippos, yesterday. And today, I am discarding two small-size self-contained miniature Hungry-Hungry Hippo Games. They look cool enough that they were snagged right away by someone else, as possible gifts. But they don't work very well.

I've decided to get rid of the Potato Heads, as they take up too much room. And in fact, after this go round, I expect the next entry will concern itself with sorting the various components (Wood Blocks, Oversized Plastic Blocks, Cool Miniatures, and Miscellaneous) into plastic buckets.

But before that, we have today's dig (of the Archaeological Variety), consisting of: Plastic Alphabet Blocks (when did plastic overrun wood), more PEZ Dispensers (not interested), a Boat (for bath-time fun, which if I had a pool, wading or otherwise, I am sure I would keep), Sunglasses (pink, hip, and trendy), Flute Pipe (which even as we speak is soaking in soapy water), Wiggle Ball (a gyroscopic wiggle thing, I presume, as the batteries are dead), Time Machine Watches (the duds, a good one which makes a cool sound has been saved for later), Light Up Squiggy Thing (™, but of course), Squishy Thing (from yesterday, it did not make another cut), a Plastic Spaceship (a different one, which is not cool enough), Plastic Motorcycle (sans figure), Cool Hand Figure, (eh, I'll save that for one more go), a Cheap Plastic Football (that I would have loved as a kid, sort of like those Miniature Helmets, if you remember those), and a few miscellaneous pieces of plastic.

Yeah, without a doubt, buckets come next. And then, I'll play with the various blocks for a moment or two prior to discarding... or washing up and working them into a project... or maybe, just maybe, creating a separate section for them in this very write-up.

Four Buckets
I split the remainder of the box into four buckets: Scrap (the stuff I am throwing out), Building Blocks (both wood and plastic), Interesting Stuff (stuff that feels like it is worth examining piece-by-piece), and Miniatures (which is by far the largest bucket) and which, also, happens to include a Fishing Rod (I may just restring it and try it out) and a Flying Dragon (sort of like a Gripper Claw, but the Dragon's wings move instead).

Ah, I found another Whistle Thing that I will be giving a good long soak (so, it's not in any bucket, just like the rest of the items in the remainder of this sub-listing), a few more Refrigerator Magnets (from the same set as was in the first box, so we have a match), Wooden Fish (which may or may not have been related to the Fishing Rod), and a few Broken Figures... that I was hoping to find the missing, arm, leg, or head to, but having not, will now be throwing out.

Building Blocks
Most of the Wood Building Blocks were easy to get rid of. There are not enough to build anything. So, it really was more like throwing away a half dozen pieces of scrap wood. Though, I do have three matched pillars, sitting on my Play Table. We'll see what happens to those.

As to the Snap Bricks (or whatever they are called, think large LEGOs), I have 1,200 new 2x4 LEGOs from Christmas, so these large bricks are not as compelling as they might otherwise have been. Ironically (or however you want to frame this), I decided I would go through the Toy Box Stuff prior to doing much with those Christmas LEGOs. So, playing with the later (those aforementioned Christmas LEGOs) is on hold at the moment.

But back to these Big Building Blocks. I threw out the odd pieces, as that's an easy first step. And then, I snapped all the like pieces together in a thoroughly uninspired way. It makes me wonder what I'll be able to do when I move on to the Christmas LEGOs... and it is thoughts like this which make pushing off playing with those Christmas LEGOs into some ill-defined future moment, all the easier.

The Good Stuff
Perhaps, I tire of this project. After all, it has been three months since the start. And let's face it, most days (if not weeks), I don't do anything. Time merely passes.

I had previously separated the toys into buckets. I had a bit of fun playing with the large size LEGOs. And still have those.

But the bucket I called The Good Toys, I looked through last night. And it occupied my attention for about ten minutes. It might be that in deciding a toy was good, I'd already handled and inspected it... in a word, played with it. And so, they may have been been (if you'll pardon the phrase) played out.

Or perhaps, the day when I wanted to spend more than thirty seconds with a toy has long since gone by.

In this lot, there were two Maze Puzzles, two Spinners (a giant gem and a real spinner), a handful of Fist Sized Figures, one of those Miniature Skateboards (which I can't be bothered to play with), and a bathroom Pull-String Squid (which if I were really interested in 'playing with', I'd probably unscrew to inspect the mechanism, such is my idea of play these days).

Sweep! They are all going to the trash (recycle bin) en mass.

Let's Do This
After slowly pulling a few handfuls out of the remaining bucket (I'm going to keep the large LEGOs, so its not part of the cull, anymore), I decided to dump the lot out onto the table.

The first few handfuls of toys (which are headed into the garbage) were fairly easy to decide upon, as these are all figures and if a figure doesn't stand up (or catch my eye), it's fairly easy to get rid of.

As I pause, I will mention the Sucker Cup Figures. They have sucker cups for hands and feet and look fun. I'll have to see if they'll actually stick to anything (say a glass lamp-cover or the refrigerator, maybe the inside of) before I am done.

Let's Do This... More Slowly
The sort of these hundred odd figures will go slowly. There was the initial purge (above) and another handful that I just threw out. For the most, these were broken or stupid figures... or ones that simply did not stand up.

I expect the sort will go slower from here... or not. It is entirely possible I will sweep great chunks of what remains into the bin quite quickly. But I don't think I will.

OK. Fine. The Puking Dogs are going right now. But the remainder shall be disposed of here and there... or however.

I got rid of the Flying Bat. I guess, it's actually a Dragon. Don't ask me why I've been keeping it. Well, I do know. It was cool. It was hand activated like one of those reach-out-and-grab-things claws. But now it is gone.

Those figurines that fall over continue to be easy to pitch (it being a day or two later), as are those which are boring to look at from the top down. But in the end, I believe my real criteria is whether I believe an item has any chance of making the final cut. If not, I might as well pitch it now.

And then, a fast sweep (throwing out almost all of the remaining) and I am done.

A Fond Farewell

A shoebox full of toys remain. Well, the shoebox is less than full, but it is a double-sized shoe box, so I'm thinking it's best to let each of those factors cancel the other out and call it a shoebox full of toys. Mostly, said shoebox contains LEGOs and a few dozen figurines. I do like those figurines.

Oh, also, there is a Fishing Rod, which I shall ditch or repair off-line (i.e. if I use, it will end up in some fishing post and not here), as I am thinking about getting a Fishing License this summer. And a small size pole such as this might be just the ticket. And if it breaks... um, I really could not care less.

Sooner or later I will restart on what remains in the shoe box. And I will either start a new page, report that elsewhere, or let it fall away silently into The Void.

I am at a moment in time (it happens every few months) when I am in the mood to move on, to leave the past behind. At these times, my desktop gets cleaner and I tend to close off projects rather than start new ones.

And then, the tide changes and the trend reverses.

But for the moment, I am in clean-up mode... and since I am almost done with this project, I am done.

Case Closed!

Time To Move On!

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After all, according to my hopelessly optimistic timetable, I was supposed to have been done with this project two months ago and have moved on to a second round of Finger Painting by now.

After two years, I wonder if the paints are any good?

Well, you know what they say.

There's only one way to find out.

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