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That Time of the Year

When Everything is Turning Green

A close up of the surface of the Chicago River from when they dyed it green on St Patricks day, so green watery waves

It's always the same.

The same as last year.

Beads and Candy, what they were handing out at the parade, it was amazingly fun to try and get beads, I mean, I did not start trying to get beads, but it was sort of hard not to get into it, try to catch the thrown beads while they are in the air, since I am not putting something that hit the ground around my neck, much less in my mouth, anyhow, a pretty good haul for a grown man

The treats are different.

The good times are a different.

Down the ways, a group was chanting, and that might just be the way to go, random cheering, hooting for the politicians, and the high school marching bands, just having a good time, and when folks came by with shirts and beads and candy, they always, like always got some, the squeaky wheel and all that, they also had hi-tech recording gear with them, so some kind of web video podcast blog thing, if you know what I mean, nothing low key like this

But it's really the same.

Just a bit different.

More green watery waves, this time with the eddies from a passing boat showing through, so a streak of lighter green in the center

I'm not complaining, mind you.

But why always green?

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Why don't we try Orange next year?

And put a little fight in our cheer?

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