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Crazy George and I started working on a Boat Borrower's Guide during a binge. Don't ask. Don't tell. That's my motto. And apparently, Crazy George feels the same way, because when I showed him the first draft, he had no idea what I was talking about.

So, there you are.

A project dead from the start (and for decades), recently resurrected, because I find it difficult to throw away anything which resembles the written word.

I like this Gold Metallic Effect, in truth, I would have liked the same thing only redder, but I do not know how to achieve that, it is a picture of a harbor, the sun setting, and pushed through the Golden Metallic Filter, is shows off the circles around the sun, boats in a harbor to both sides, and the reflected splash of the sun off the waters, the photo has nothing specific to do with the text, both feature boats, this is not an image of  Crazy Georges Boat, if it was, Lane would be posing on deck, with very little clothing, as their daughter Alley tried to steal the show

The Rules
For Borrowing The Boat
A Cheat Sheet & Guide

Engine Room


Main Cabin


Linen Closet


Hall Closet

Dockside Amenities

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