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Work Problem Check List

The blind leading the blind.

Briefly, oh, so briefly, I contemplated putting together a listing of problem solutions for the workplace, my workplace. So, I started a file... and promptly forgot all about it. Anyhow, some brief excerpts / ideas, which may have very little rhyme or reason...
  1. Get Off Centre
  2. Ask For Suggestions
  3. Never Have an Attitude
  4. On Sales
  5. On Accountability
And that's about it. So, um, yeah, not going to be writing that business management book any time soon. But if I were to add anything to the list at this later date, it would likely have something to do with ensuring an ideology cohesiveness in one's life, but most folks don't seem to have that luxury. Shame, that.

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Brett's making a <workplace problem resolution checklist>.
He's checking it thrice.
One thing's for sure,
He likes to play nice.

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