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Postage Due Emails

With great power comes great responsibility,
to act as eccentric as possible, of course.

Please be advised, due to the increased volume of emails I have received (2 this past week alone, that's a 100% increase, I'll have you know) and to cut down on the flack (spam, unsolicited proposals of marriage, and correspondence from my relatives, etc.), we here at (meaning, me here at have decided {elected, duly authorized our collections agents, and so on and so forth ad naseum) to institute a reading fee on all incoming electronic correspondence.

As such, please attach sufficient Bit-Coins (or other sundry and sort of electronic pyramid and/or payment methodologies) with all future emails.

We at (once again, meaning me at thank you for your attention to this small (albeit minor, but very important) detail.

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NO COD's!!!
Why do I even have to say this?
I am not a bank
And no, I could not spot you a bit-coin fiver.
Begone, you free-loading Internet what's-ya-call-its.

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