Commercialism Leads to Cynicism

A continual rejection of corporate lies tends to lead to a generalized rejection of all.
It's just an idea...

I take it as a given that most commercials lie (i.e. present a distorted version of reality):
In short:

And that this is a continual social truth in modern society:
And I'm not really even complaining about this.  Just pointing it out, things look best in the store, at the point of sale, when we buy them:
And that later on, in the real world, the thing hardly ever lives up to the bare bones promise of what it can do (it's core function), much less deliver on the contrived social situation in which it is presented (and the implicit reason for its purchase: better friends, lovers, afternoon picnics with the grandchildren, etc.).

I could go on, but I've probably spent too much time elaborating on the obvious.  Commercials and commercial situations distort the truth.  And here's my thesis, that as a side effect of all this is that we have developed (all of us) a consumer mind-set; and as such, we view the world through distorted eyes that are:
And that this is a direct result of the over-hyped ad-saturated marketing environment in which we live our lives.

In short, society teaches us to be negative and rejecting of false promises, which overwhelmingly these days means, all promises.

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