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A Day at the Arboretum

Fun in the Sun

None of these images are iconic of an Arboretum, and in fact, I do not even know if I spelled that name right, this is one of the better views, images that I took, in my opinion, but it may not correlate very highly with what either I or most other folks think of when we think of the arboretum, it was a nice sunny, spring day, and the journey there was made to view the first moments of spring, that first week or two of buds, leaves filling the air. weeks, maybe months later, it is definitely late spring, and that early spring, right around Easter time, was especially magical

What is a day at an arboretum like?

I would have never seen this little guy had the group in front not pointed it out nor the group behind if my photographic antics had not made it clear something special was afoot, even as a child, or back in the day when I spent more time outside, a frog would be a curiosity, something worthy of note, only captured infrequently

The frog was the most fun, the greatest find.

<Please, don't get in my face. If I say it's a frog, for the purposes of discussion, it's a frog.>

Wildlife has a higher level of interest to me, more than one individual was walking through the arboretum with their high-powered camera, I just just my phone these days, and these individuals, for the most, appeared to be doing flower close ups, the rabbit running through the crowd was the most fun, hard to capture, the images I have, not worth a tinkers curse

But the fishes were far more ubiquitous, easier to find.

The arboretum is a large place with many buildings, without knowing, I can image that they support a diverse array of volunteers, those in the garden club, orchard men, fish wives, there was more than one art gallery, more than one exhibit going on, small, to be sure, but plenty of room for growth, and a whole courtyard dedicated to bonsai, quite the collection, perhaps world famous for all I know, anyhow, these were easier to photograph than the rabbit, but perhaps, a filter is required to capture the true magesty

As were the quiet corners and places to commune with nature... and/or steal a kiss from the one that you love.

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