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A old safe presumably no longer in service that I saw in an alley down Chinatown ways

Mega Multi

What Multi-Rants are all about: i.e. ideas that I shall not pursue any further; and thus, that have come here to die.

Child on pier jumping into ocean, looks like they are enjoying the fall

One Way Ticket Man

So, like, I'm ready to go,
running down to the Recruitment Center today,
opting for that mid-life crisis that'll last a lifetime
on a Rocket Ship headed for the stars.

It's more literal than you might think,
because I am not planning on going back...

This pair consists of two business card possibilities
Dream Smuggler, no dream too small, no fee too large, I hope you get the idea

The Best Possible Life

A Materialization of the Idealization,
whatever that's supposed to mean.

Next three consist of a turtle
swimming in a aquarium
at a pet store, if I recall correctly

Smile at the Snake

Now is not the time to get mad.
Now is the time to ascertain the truth
And sow the seeds for revenge.

< or >

On Princesses and Frogs

Put some frogs in a pot, slowly raise the temperature, bringing the water to boil, and the frogs will never notice.

Stupid frogs.

It being an election year:
Voting for Hillary is like staying in the water.
Voting for Trump is like jumping into the flames.

I like graffiti, and lately, I have taken to photographing single words for use, well, here, this word is faithful
More graffiti spelling out irony, I do not know the political statement the originator had in mind, it was over a door, I think

Words of the Prophet

My Bad Luck Streak ended,
when a stranger uttered these magical words,
'Can you spell "Master Controller"?'

Waikiki Beach Hawaii on the island of Ohau, the image, of course, has precious little to do with the text that follows, raw picture put through a posterize filter

The Curse of Bad Eyesight

I am calling this a simple line drawing of Mr GigglesWorth these days, or maybe even myself, but it was a sketch I did long ago of someone else, does it not look just like them

The Essence of The Man

X is cool.
I like X.
Therefore, I am cool.

Brett is cool.
I am Brett.
Therefore, I am cool.

Two images of helicopters, using a black white filter so more like a silhouette
maybe a different helecopter even

Stranger than Fiction

Know how it turns out that the US funded those Afghanistan rebels? Well, likely the US funded all those Russian gangsters, as well. So in the end, Putin is just 'Our Man in Moscow'.

Same black white filter as above on all the images that follow, two birds in a tree a kite a single bird shoes wrapped around power line another bird on the edge of a building, looks like a wall

On Web Surveys

What feedback do I wish to provide?
That I don't wish to provide any feedback.

The End

Thank you for you time.

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