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Cubs Parade

Victory Dance

Who won?
The Cubs won!

The horns before the parade.
Cheers rippling through the crowd...
in eager anticipation.

And then the trophy,
held forth,
like Caesar returning...
from battle,

There were five million of us. It was the 7th largest gathering of people in world history.

all images use effects from my butterfly stripe library, which utilizes a more or less random color shift, and from the several dozen selections for each image, I chose a few, the first few images are of graffiti, this one is of a face and some word I find hard to read A yellowish smiling face girl, which because of the color, reminds me of lisa simpson, who knows, that might have been the inspiration Ya Ya, need we say more, the cubs won, I will be sacriligious and say it is almost disappointing

Shall we celebrate?

compasses, from the street, color filtered, green with primary accents blue purplish, if the cubs did not win, it would have been what do you expect, but since they did, it was a nice welcome back after so many years

Or maybe I should say something witty about it could have gone either way...

Sears or the Hancock building, I care not what they are called now, nor am I able to tell them apart, purple shift, next blue, then a more colorful green orange number that reminds me of art from heavy metal, perhaps that explains the alien theme later I had though about having a blue color version be the center pic all the way down, but for most of the images, it was simply too boring I like this version the best, but these things change quickly, and it maybe only as good, in the company of others

After all, the city is Chicago.

This is a storefront display, the best one, skeletons dance on a desk, meeting board and television display showing a video loop in the background telling the story, it is likely not a very good image after the filter, but I shall not post the original, not at this time

And they hadn't won a pennant there in a while.

This is Michigan Avenue full of people, and when I say full, I mean, full

So when they did, the crowd was ready for a party.

the police milling about, it was the great show of force, nothing against the cops, nothing for the police, it is what it is, so many law enforcement officers only a fool or a man willing to die would bother to act up, I saw no one arrested, no one doing anything majorly wrong, one never knows about the mercantile offenses and things of that ilk, folks were making on the money, no one seemed to care

The cops were ready for a riot.

More crowd images, I like the way the filters look, they are pretty good images in the raw, as well, but perhaps too many personal details that way, I believe they are cleansed of any identifying information, always a concern for me, I would have far more facial shots if it were not a concern, other people are what interests me most, ironically, another saw this page after it was posted who also saw the originals, and their response was why did I not use any of those pictures, describing one of these three in depth, saying they were such good pictures, so I would say the de-personalization and removal of identifying information is complete this one may be the highlight of the page, wonderful, and the filter, adding that little something The crowd, buildings beyond, such a back drop

And the...


Travellers from afar?

Or colourful locals?

This is a police boat on the Chicago River, they dyed it blue for the parade, but the images are not so great, maybe I should have held out for a blue water image, but this is what it is, after all, this page has turned into something more like a Green Day Excursion

Best not to say what was on their minds.

Parking lot sign, only slighly harder to read than the real world version, though in this instance, far more purply

I never did make it to the park.

It is from this vantage, this and the next image are the same, different filter, this is by the Water Tower, back by where the horses are, or halfway through the park, line of people by the street ten deep, a fenced off planting area, and then, a thiner crowd, me behind two others, purple green, I very much like the esthetic of me taking a picture of others taking a picture, the subject of original interest in the background, everyone takes pictures of everything, all the time

But I got my pictures.

The number thirteen, some street address, I could not tell you from where, nor could I tell you who is number thirteen, though, if I could not be 00, I think I would opt for 13 as my team number

And you better believe who I was rooting for.

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The 2016 Cubs Victory Parade in Chicago.

I finally got around to posting my pics after the opening day for the 2017 season.

Shall we do it again?

Or perhaps, next up, the Blackhawks will win the Superbowl... or whatever that Stanley Cup thing is called.

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